Weightlifting Belts

Weightlifting belts are important elements of protection for your back, especially if you’re lifting heavy weights. Despite having this part of the body toned and strong, you can always get hurt. So, the main function of these belts is to increase the level of stability in the medium and lower part of the spine.

You should know that belts are not recommended if your workout is not intense as they can make you lose lower back and belly muscle tone. Thus, many people use belts as a protection because they have previously suffered an injury, but this is wrong, as the best way to avoid another injury is by changing the training routine.

There are several types of belts. Some are made of leather and are very rigid, ideal for heavy weightlifting, and others are made of nylon, more flexible and elastic, adapting better to your body even though they are not as stable. So these are better for lighter weightlifting.

Also, there are dip belts especially designed for ballast training. This type is the most rigid belt with the highest stability levels as exercises are dangerous if are not done properly. In addition, some types include small compartments to keep your small objects with you.