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Walden Farms' Origins

Walden Farms was founded in 1972 and soon became a leader in health nutrition. It was one of the first companies to introduce low-fat salad seasonings, which was very innovative in the 70’s.

Ever since the beginning, Walden Farms mission was to develop healthy food with a very reduced amount of fat, carbs, gluten or sugar for people to enjoy eating without renouncing flavour.

Nowadays, this brand is very popular worldwide due to its great variety of sauces and seasonings calorie-FREE that allow you to taste the most authentic flavours and cook the best meals while you keep a healthy diet.

Besides, they are completely natural. In the manufacturing process, only concentrated elements are used, such as real fruit extracts, cocoa, and other natural ingredients, always sweetened by Splenda®. Sauces are 100% natural, made with natural ingredients and blends of powdered herbs and spices, the best vinegars, soy sauce, lemon juice, natural blue cheese, mince garlic, onion slices and other concentrated extracts.

It’s a type of food that is suitable for everybody (children, adults, elderly, diabetics, celiac, etc). Simply changing to Walden Farm seasonings is easy to save 300 calories a day which means 10,000 calories a month, which is 34 pounds after a year.

Walden Farms sauces might be consumed by diabetics and celiacs as their manufacturing process does not include sugars, carbohydrates and gluten.

Walden Farms' Philosophy

Walden Farms knows how hard it is to be on a healthy diet to lose weight or a simple question of health. In fact, what experts first recommend is to eliminate or reduce are jams, syrups and other seasonings with a high calorie content (fat, carbs, flavourings, preservatives, etc.).

Now this is when eating becomes boring, tasteless, which can make you lose motivation and fail in your progress. Thanks to Walden Farms initiative, people with health problems or wanting to care about nutrition have the chance to take care of their eating habits and still enjoy flavour with no worries.

Walden Farms represents the Maximum Quality (Kosher Certification)

Walden Farms has the Kosher Certification, which indicates that the product is manufactured according to jewish religion rules. If a product is Kosher certified, it means that it meets the strictest jewish regulations on raw materials, storage system and manufacturing processes. These products are regularly inspected and reviewed by qualified experts to make sure that such products meet the most demanding requirements. Kosher products are not only demanded by jewish people but only by vegetarian, celiacs, lactose intolerants, muslim people and other religions.

Type of products that you may find in the Walden Farm range

Walden Farms has the widest range of seasonings and sauce with no calories, fat, sugar and gluten.

  • Syrups (chocolate, strawberry, blueberry pancake, candy)
  • Mayonnaise (amazing, ranchera taste, chipotle, honey mustard or Granada)
  • Jams (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apricot, apple, grape or orange)
  • Peanut cream (traditional with chocolate or cinnamon and raisins)
  • Salad dressings (sesame ginger, chipotle, French, Italian, caesar, Asian, Russian, Italian dried tomatoes, Dijon mustard ...)
  • Barbecue sauce (original, with honey, spicy, hickory smoked)
  • Condiments (ketchup, seafood sauce or hot sauce)
  • Fruit sauces (chocolate, marshmallow, caramel)
  • Pasta sauces (Alfredo, tomato and basil or garlic and herbs)
  • Sauces for vegetables and potatoes (onion, blue cheese, bacon, ranchera)
  • Coffee creams (Original cream, mocha, hazelnut, French vanilla)
  • Single serve packages (to experience the sauces Walden Farms away)

Walden Farms Top products

  1. Pancake syrup
  2. Thick n ' spicy barbeque sauce
  3. Hickory smoked barbeque sauce
  4. Mocha coffee creamer
  5. Honey dijon salad dressing
  6. Honey barbeque sauce
  7. Strawberry syrup
  8. Caesar salad dressing
  9. Original cream coffee creamer