EVOBAR Brownie

Vegetarian nutrition is mainly based on the absence of meat products. This means people who decide to become a vegetarian immediately stop eating any animal meat.

This often stops being a nutritional preference to become a lifestyle. The vegetarianism has several levels and types to bear in mind, since many people not only stop eating meat but they go one step beyond and stop eating other products from animal sources.

Besides meat, many people also stop eating eggs or dairy products, being considered “purer” or strict vegetarians. Those who do eat eggs are called ovo-vegetarians and those who drink milk are called lacto-vegetarians.

Likewise, we should also mention those who only eat fruit, called frugivore. Many times, people usually tend to confuse vegetarianism and veganism. However, they both do not mean the same..

What’s the difference between veganism and vegetarianism? In the first place, vegetarians are those who do not consume any meat, no matter the animal origin.

There are many types of vegetarianism. Thus, many people, besides quitting meat, they also stop eating eggs and milk. That is called ovo-lacto-vegetarianism. However, veganism is based on not consuming any food from animal origin. Therefore, no meat, no milk or eggs, not even honey. In fact, vegan people remove animal fabrics like wool or leather from their wardrobe. So we can call it a way of life instead of just a nutrition tendency.

Is it possible to be a vegetarian and find nutritional supplements compatible with your diet? Absolutely yes. In fact, HSNstore offers plenty of them. There are so many food and sports supplements for vegetarians. Protein supplements for vegetarians come from vegetable sources. The quality is maybe not as good as animal origin protein, but two incomplete vegetable proteins are better than one complete animal origin protein.

The best vegetable proteins we have are soy, pea, hemp and brown rice proteins. These products have a high EAA content and are available in plenty of different flavours. They also contain vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and fibre.

As you can see, being a vegetarian doesn’t stop you from taking nutritional and sports supplements, because so many companies like us have decided to meet and satisfy the vegetarian people needs and demands.

We know how important it is for vegetarian athletes to take care of their health through plant origin products. That’s why HSNstore cares about you and offers a wide range of vegetable food and sports supplements, having previously met all the quality requirements.