In this section you’ll find a great variety of plant proteins, lactose free, whose formulas have been especially designed for people who seek protein from vegetable sources as a fantastic supplement to gain muscle, improve recovery processes, etc.

Plant protein, ideal to achieve your fitness goals!

The athlete’s nutrition habits are very important regardless of the goal: gaining muscle mass, define muscle tone, lose fat, etc. This process requires a strong personal willpower, if you take it seriously and want to get your sports goals, it’s fundamental to follow your training and nutritional routines on a regular and constant basis.

Nutrition is the base of the whole process: muscle stimulation, muscle fibre recovery during training… A right protein intake through plant proteins gets complicated sometimes, as vegetable sources are more limited. HSN helps develop a wide range of powdered protein for vegan and vegetarian people.

Actually, you can find Soy Protein Isolate, Pea Protein Isolated and Brown Rice Protein Isolate. HSN is currently working on completing this section with Hemp Protein and other vegetable protein blends.  

All these options are a great alternative as a high quality amino acid source with great taste (the taste is very different to whey’s). The blend option is very rich in AA (essential and non-essential) and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, fibre, etc.

All HSN products are manufactured with the best raw ingredients to offer our clients the best quality-price rate on the market.

Pea Protein has several quality certifications and it’s the best you can buy. Manufacturer: Pisane®

Other Plant Proteins

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