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Many people tend to confuse vegetarianism and veganism. However, they both do not mean the same. That’s why you should be aware of the difference between them if you’re trying to start a diet base on their principles.

Even though it’s not usual, there are many food supplements for vegans, even those whose composition consists of protein. HSNstore offers a wide range of high quality products for vegans.

What’s the difference between veganism and vegetarianism? In the first place, vegetarians are those who do not consume any meat, no matter the animal origin.

There are many types of vegetarianism. Thus, many people, besides quitting meat, they also stop eating eggs and milk. That is called ovo-lacto-vegetarianism. However, veganism is based on not consuming any food from animal origin. Therefore, no meat, no milk or eggs, not even honey. In fact, vegan people remove animal fabrics like wool or leather from their wardrobe. So we can call it a way of life instead of just a nutrition tendency.

Now, are there many food supplements for vegan athletes? The answer is YES. Most of companies are starting to manufacture this kind of supplements from vegetable sources to meet such increasing demand.

Sure you’ve heard sometimes that proteins coming from vegetable sources have poorer quality than animal’s. This means that such vegetable proteins do not contain all the essential amino acids and they’re considered incomplete. Nevertheless, it’s really easy to meet such deficiency by eating other foods like legumes.

There are plenty of researches showing that some vegetable origin foods have higher protein content than meat, such as soy, amaranth or quinoa, so most of protein supplements for vegans are made of them. Likewise, peas, brown rice and dried nuts are also very rich in protein

Vegans should be especially careful with other aspects of their diet, as the food they eat usually has low amounts of vitamins B12 and D, calcium, iodine, zinc and omega-3, which are fundamental for a proper functioning of the organism. This can be perfectly resolved by taking the right nutritional supplements and consulting a nutritionist.

We know how important it is for vegan athletes to take care of their health through plant origin products. That’s why HSNstore cares about vegan people and offers a wide range of vegetable food and sports supplements, having previously met all the quality requirements.