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What are Time Release Proteins?

Time Release Proteins or Sustained Release Proteins are supplements that are integrated by various protein sources, where each one of them has a different rate of absorption.

The proteins are composed of chains of amino acids, with links between them. It is through the process of digestion that proteins are finally reduced down to their basic unitary elements in order to be absorbed. The time elapsing between the consumption and the absorption of the protein will vary depending on the protein source.

Protein absorption speed

As mentioned, each type of protein will produce a different response in the absorption process. We may therefore expect everthing from the lowest to the highest rates of absorption:

  • Concentrated and Isolated Proteins
  • Hydrolysed Proteins

This factor indicates the overall behaviour of the protein at a molecular level and of its subsequent absorption. Hydrolysed protein has the highest absorption rate since it contains large amounts of peptides in its composition. This term refers to the way in which our bodies absorb protein. This is carried out in the intestines and the peptides will be the molecules that are capable of absorption. So in this regard, hydrolysed protein already has this basic sequence as part of its composition, therefore permitting the maximum degree of absorption.

While we would ideally ingest this type of protein exclusively, the reality is that our system has a limit in the amount it can absorb and due to the rapid absorption rate can actually become saturated. For this reason, including other protein sources with a slower absorption rate will help one obtain the same benefits, but without saturating the receptors.

Benefits of Time Release Proteins

Raising the concentration of amino acids in blood plasma will produce a strong response in the synthesis of proteins, after which it will drop. It is from precisely this point on that we can benefit from time release proteins.

If we provide different proteins with different absorption rates, we will be able to obtain a number of peaks in protein synthesis, in addition to maintaining a constant flow of amino acids in our blood stream, lengthening the duration of and increasing the impact of the hormonal response that is most favourable for muscle growth.

Types of Time Release Proteins

Among the different types of sustained release protein are a combination of two or mores sources. However, on occasion we may also acquire proteins containing other ingredients, in order to reinforce the formula for some specific purpose, such as losing or gaining weight.

  • Evomatrix: a mixture of isolated and concentrated protein containing glutamine peptides.
  • Evodiet: contains isolate and concentrate with vitamins B3, B6, acetyl L-carnitine, flaxseed oil, and green tea.
  • Evomeal: it acts as a food substitute due to its special composition.
  • Evonight: contains up to 7 different types of protein, ideal to take before sleeping.

When to take Time Release Proteins?

One of the main advantages of sustained release proteins is that we can take them at any time of the day:

  • When you get up
  • Before training
  • After training
  • Before sleeping
  • Between meals