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Thermal Bags

Thermal bags to carry your meals. Here you will find an exclusive selection of the best bags and backpacks to transport your meals with maximum convenience and “anti-leak” guarantee.

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Thermal Bags

The thermal bags to carry food are a necessary feature for all of those people that want to keep proper healthy habits with regard to nutrition, being one of the main problems the length of time that you have to be away from home.

Most of them have compartments where bags that have been previously frozen can be put to keep the food refrigerated. Other models provide a special space for our laptop.

What should we look out for when choosing a Thermal Bag?

Facing all the different types of Thermal Bags, we must choose the best one for us according to our needs, we can take into account the following factors:

  • How many meals we eat out of home
  • Space for sports clothes if we go to the gym before going home
  • Capacity for our shaker, to drink our protein shakes
  • Being able to use it as a travelling bag 
  • Additional pockets and compartments
  • Padded areas to be able to carry fragile belongings
  • The material they are made out of.

Types of Thermal Bags

As we have seen, the Thermal Bags will not just be used to take our food to the office, they can also have other uses, like to carry our sport equipment.

Among the different types of Thermal Bags, here we will describe some of them:

  • The Pac: It is a small dimensions bag, ideal for those people who just want to transport one meal and pudding to their workplace. It is very light and made out of neoprene. 
  • Transporter Duffel: A complete travelling backpack that will allow you to visit anywhere, taking with you your diet foods, sports clothes, and casual clothings.
  • The Box: One of the most sold options, as it fulfils perfectly the needs to transport your meals, because it contains two tupperware containers, along with a shaker for our powder formula and pillbox.

Where to buy Thermal Bags?

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