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Anyone who practices physical exercise on a regular basis and follows a very specific nutrition plan knows well that finding quality carbohydrates is not always easy. In fact, most of high carbohydrate foods could have a harmful effect as they cannot be used as an energy source easily. For this reason, HSNstore wants to offer a healthy and effective alternative:special flours.

Besides, the best of this section flours is that you’ll be able to make any recipe you want. For example, if you have a sweet tooth, you can make some pancakes, muffin or any other dessert you like. However you should keep an eye on the amount of the rest of ingredients so your diet doesn’t get negatively affected.

Oat Flour is a product that has been traditionally used in natural cosmetics and skin health, but it also provides a lot of benefits as it is very rich in vitamins B and E, minerals (phosphorus, iron) and easy assimilating carbohydrates.