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THERMO SHOCK - 60 caps

THERMO SHOCK - 60 caps

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Thermogenic Fat Burners



Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts THERMO SHOCK - 60 caps

Information THERMO SHOCK - 60 caps
Serving's size:
Amount per serving
Thermo Stim Energy Reactor387mg
Cafeína anhidra, Té verde 98%, pimienta cayena 40000SCU, extracto de serpentina 8%, metil hordenine HCL, higenamina HCL, halostachina HCL, extracto de corteza quebracho, n-metil tiramina HCL,
Piperina, Capsicum Annuum (Capsicin)
Well Being Adaptogen System240mg
Mucuna pruriens (99,6% de L-dopa), b-feniletilamina, alfa GPC, Sulbutiamina, Deanol (DMAE), vitamina B6 10mg
Appetite Supressing and Metabolism Accelerator30,2mg
N-caffeoyldopamina, N-coumaroyldopamina, Dendrobium Nobile (1%) alcaloides, Hoodia Gordonii, 3,5 'diyodo l-tironina
Dellvery Supporting Agents15mg
Vitamina E TPGS en polvo 10% 5 mg, extracto de semilla de uva 95%, niacina 5mg
Other ingredients:


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