Frinsa is one of the most important companies at European level, in the production of preserved tuna and seafood.

Frinsa was founded in 1.961 in Ribeira, Galicia (Spain).

Their main goal was the manufacture of tinned fish of the highest quality, focusing their efforts on responding to the expectations of customers in a manner that was both sustainable as well as respectful to the environment.

The brand has the most important certifications in terms of quality, food safety and sustainability of fishery resources: ISO 9001:2008 certification, British Retail Consortium and International Food Standard, among others. It is also certified with environmental certification ISO 14001:2004.

Ribeira also cooperates with the most important bodies dedicated to protecting marine resources.

Frinsa distributes its products to major European chains and its own brands: FRINSA (gourmet) and RIBEIRA.