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Slow digestion protein, ideal for before going to bed. Prevents nocturnal catabolism and promotes recovery


  • Sustained release formula
  • Ideal for bedtime
  • Amino acid supply for longer
  • Delicious taste

What is Casein Matrix?

Casein Matrix by Quamtrax is a slow digestion protein formulated from:

  • Micellar casein
  • Calcium caseinate

What are the properties of Casein Matrix?

Casein Matrix is a slow digestion protein and for this reason, at certain moments we can benefit from making use of this characteristic, promoting a continuous supply of amino acids to the bloodstream. During nighttime rest is when we can obtain a higher efficiency from this sustained release protein.

Another option is to take the Casein Matrix between meals, when the supply of a quality protein is required, without the need of the fast nature of other powder protein sources, used for the periods after training.

Casein Matrix enhances recovery, because during nocturnal rest, which is exactly the period when the regeneration of muscle tissues is more accentuated, the support via a source of continuous release amino acids, will amplify this process.

Who can benefit from taking Casein Matrix?

  • Athletes and/or Sportspeople looking to complete daily protein requirements, as well as helping to improve recovery and regeneration of muscle fibers during nighttime rest.
  • Anyone looking to increase the protein intake in their diet, in order to improve their body composition or as a mechanism to help increase their muscle mass.

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