Quamtrax's History

Quamtrax Nutrition is a spanish brand that was founded in 1999 in Madrid and it’s dedicated to the manufacture of sports nutrition supplements.Their main purpose is to provide athletes with the maximum quality. Their products come from meticulous investigations and studies in laboratories and the sports experiences.  

Currently this company keeps on growing and keeping a very important presence in the main sports nutrition stores, online stores and in the most known sports publications (Flex, Muscle & Fitness, Men’s Health, Sport Life, etc).

Quamtrax Nutrition supplements are sold in Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Cuba, Uruguay, Colombia and Venezuela and the company intends to extend and export to other markets in many other other countries.

  • High quality products
  • The best customer service

Quamtrax has a very dynamic team very experienced in this sector that is completely into it and committed to this brand’s goals. Its philosophy is to provide its clients the maximum quality product after a careful selection of the best raw ingredients and a strict control of every manufacturing phase. Quamtrax is a professional, expertise, specialised, innovative, responsible and close to its clients.

Product line

Quamtrax has a wide range of products, very versatile, as it can be for both professional and amateur athletes, and people who only want to keep a good health state through proper nutrition habits.

You’ll find whey protein, amino acids, creatine, energy drinks, herbal extracts, fat burners, essential fatty acids, oatmeal, cookies, bars, meal replacements, etc. Quamtrax also has a range of training accessories: gloves, belts, shaker, etc.

Top productos Quamtrax

  • IsoWhey
  • HydrolyzedWhey
  • Iso Pro
  • Thermo cuts
  • Massive Gainer
  • Protein Flan
  • Whey Matrix
  • Carnivol
  • Casein Matrix
  • Super BCAA 4:1:1

Quamtrax supports numerous sports events like National Cup of BodyBuilding and Fitness, Gym Factory, Spartan Race Madrid, Strength National Spanish League, Francisco Del Yerro Championship,  Arms Fight Open, San Silvestre, International Gran Prix of Strength Athletes, ExpoFitness Medellin, Quamtrax Open, Cervantes Trophee, Arnold Classic Europe, etc.