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Favours recovery and the formation of tissue. Strengthens the immune system.
BCAA's + Glutamine


Intense training produces muscular stress from which derives muscle fatigue and other problems such as a drop in the immune system.

To avoid this situation, we can always use supplement aimed at helping us on the road to recovery such as Glutamine. Ultra Pure Micronized Glutamine by Nutrytec Sport, a supplement that provides the optimal dose of this amino acid for the body. Glutamine is an essential amino acid found in our organism in almost all tissue and which plays a direct role in the reconstruction and formation of tissue.

Glutamine is one of the main elements responsible for maintaining the balance of nitrogen in the body, helping to ensure the muscle tissue does not deteriorate by controlling the acidity of same. Glutamine is the supplement that will help you to ensure regeneration and recovery of tissue in the most effective way possible, as well as acting directly on the growth of same.

It also acts to balance muscle pH, favouring recovery processes, something indispensable if we want our muscles to respond when it comes to training and developing correctly.

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