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Egg white protein, fat-free, and ready to eat. Hazelnut and Chocolate flavour.
Egg Proteins


  • 100% Egg white with highest biological value
  • 43g of protein per serving
  • Large quantity of BCAA´s and Glutamine
  • Easy digestion
  • Aspartame-free

Egg Prox by Nutrytec consists of proteins from egg white in powder form. In this format this part of the egg can be stored without needing refrigeration, and without needing to separate it from the yolk. It is a total clean, fat-free protein, of high biological value. Another notable point in favour of the powder format, is that unlike obtaining the white by separating it from the egg, it is now not necessary to cook this part, and it can be consumed directly with water, or by mixing it with foods such as yoghurt or milk.

On the other hand, it can be used to produce sequential combinations of different absorption speeds, mixing it with other sources of protein. Egg white protein is deemed to be a protein of medium digestion, and therefore its use as food prior to training or workouts can be quite interesting, and by so doing it can provide the amino acids needed during said activity.

Precisely one of the most important characteristics of egg white protein is its high biological value, and we will therefore be sure that by consuming it we will maintain the correct supply of essential amino acids, which must be included in the daily diet, and even more so for athletes or people seeking to develop their musculature.

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