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Nutrytec Sport is one of the product resulted from more than 14 years of R&D in the sports nutrition sector. Nutrytec has a wide range of more and more professional products that have made the company become an example in the sports nutrition sector not only in spain but in many other countries.

It has a very competent and effective team with very technical knowledges whose purpose is to satisfy the consumer needs.  

Nutrytec Sport is a brand that includes infinity of products for everyone. This versatility makes it unique for athletes and trainers and people who want to be in shape, improve their health and vitality.


From Nutrytec Sport we support your sacrifice and dedication to achieve your goals.

“Nutrytec Sport is not just one company more. It’s the maximum expression of sports passion. There is a champion inside of every person. Try these products and you’ll obtain real and long-lasting results.

“Our company is committed to support the sports elite, which is increasingly becoming interested in knowing and using all the necessary to achieve their goal: healthy mind in a healthy body.

Sport encourages, health matters

Nutrytec Sports product lines

  • Artitec: It’s a wide range of products for joint care developed by Nutrytec, supported by numerous sports doctors and traumatologists at a national level. It’s very common to athletes to suffer some type of joint pain that ends up affecting performance and interest. Thanks to the inclusion of certain nutrients to the diet you can strengthen and keep healthy joints, ensuring a correct structure and elasticity.

  • Bodynew: A range of products dedicated to beauty and health care with product to burn localised fat both in men and women.

  • Endurance: Nutrytec Sport Endurance is the result of many years of research and development applied to nutrition. Many elite athletes are regular consumers of Endurance products and due to their quality and assurance against the doping authorities.

  • Gold Bar: Nutrytec Gold Bar is a wide range of bars that meet all the athlete’s need. Now, almost everybody knows that it’s necessary to eat 5 times a day if you want to maintain weight and have a good energy levels. That is why protein bars or energy bars are a great ally. There are several types of bars depending on personal needs: replacement, dietary, energy, and protein bars.

  • Platinum Professional Series: This range of product is dedicated to those athletes who require maximum quality supplements with a proper manufacturing process.

  • Powertec: Powertec is a range of smart drinks to enhance body hydration and improve sports performance and recovery processes.

  • Xtrem Gold Series: This section is the result of a collaboration of an elite bodybuilder and a brand that only wants to meet many sportsmen’s needs to achieve the highest objectives of bodybuilding and develop their full potential.

  • 3XL Nutrition

Nutrytec Top products

  • Colossus Gigant

  • Iso Prox

  • BCAA R2.1.1

  • Colossus Protein

  • Micelar Casein

  • R-Max

  • Whey Prox Premium

  • Copos de avena

  • Oat Pancake

  • Lipoburn