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Produces testosterone and boosts sex drive


Generates Testosterone and boosts sex drive. Effectively improves your natural production of testosterone, by using VITRIX by Nutrex.Vitrix achieves better and faster absorption by your organism.

VITRIX contains 1g per each dose of the most powerful liquid German Tribulus Terrestris. This translates into a production of 80% of saponins and 20% of protodioscin, incomparable with any other product. In addition, VITRIX has included 500mg of a combination of phyto-nutrients, with the designation of NTS-5, naturally raising the creation of testosterone and blocking oestrogen.

Presented in liquid capsules of the very highest absorption rate currently available on the market. VITRIX causes an improvement in natural muscle gain, raising your sex drive, and being undoubtedly one of the most natural products currently on the market. Until now there was nothing like VITRIX on the market that would obtain these same benefits without any side effects.

Vitrix is an extremely safe and effective product, with its only side effect being increased libido. It is incompatible only with women taking the oral contraceptive pill due in part to the fact that VITRIX contains a significant quantity of Vitex Castus agnus, which could inhibit the effects of the contraceptive.

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