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Helps your nervous system while looking after your cholesterol levels.


LECITHIN by Now Foods is a wonderful Lecithin product (phosphatidylcholine). A nutrient that is present in the main and most active parts of the brain and the nervous system. Lecithin is also a source of essential fatty acids, of choline and inositol.

Properties of lecithin

  • Lecithin is an amino acid used for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and to reduce and/or balance levels of good and bad cholesterol (HDL/LDL).
  • It is widely used to treat excess Triglycerides and/or problems involving the metabolism of fats.
  • Combats the infiltration of fat in the liver.
  • Hepatic exposure to harmful substances.
  • Recent studies have shown that a substance called phosphatidylserine (one of the nutrients rich in lecithin) in a certain measure, can help memory and cognitive ability.
  • It reduces high plasmatic levels of Homocysteine (which leads to a greater risk of cardiovascular diseases).
  • Beneficial for children, especially with learning difficulties (improving memory).
  • Improvement of athletic performance. Although it is not entirely clear through what mechanisms (by the action of acetylcholine on the muscle fibres, or through the proven reduction in urinary excretion of carnitine), what is clear is that during exercise the plasmatic levels of Choline markedly reduce.
  • Increases levels of acetylcholine, which can be deficient in certain neurological conditions and in old age.

Nutritional Facts


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