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Antioxidant and anti-cancer.
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It is a product based on CURCUMIN at 95% purity. CURCUMIN is the main component of turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) and extensive scientific research on curcumin has proven its powerful and interesting antioxidant properties.

Through its antioxidant properties CURCUMIN supports colon health, playing a neuroprotection role and protecting the brain cells from degeneration and helping to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, also inhibiting the development of cancer cells, which cause cancer of the colon and stomach.

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  • curcuma Beneficios de la Cúrcuma / CurcuminaLa cúrcuma (Curcuma Longa) es una “rizomatosa” planta herbácea perenne de la familia del jengibre (en concreto la familia zingiberaceae) y crece en Indonesia, China, India y otras partes de los trópicos...
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