Fluid retention is enhanced by several factors. Among them, stress, sedentary lifestyle and, above all, a diet characterized by an excessive salt intake are the main ones. But, likewise, heat is also of great importance. In this regard it is noteworthy that this might cause kidney, liver and heart problems in both men and women.

The best method to eliminate fluid retention is by taking diuretics. Many foods can help remove fluid excess in the body through the urine, sometimes it is necessary to take natural or even synthetic concentrates for better results.

Generally speaking, any type of diuretic helps remove fluid accumulation, increasing kidney urine secretion. In this way, the body eliminates water and mineral salts left over in blood. Diuretics also take away all the harmful substances naturally produced by the body.

The natural diuretics you'll find on HSNstore are made of elements that have been previously proven to remedy fluid retention problems. Natural water, green, white, black and red tea, and Jamaica flower are the most important. However, parsley, dandelion, blue stick, birch and horsetail are also very effective.

Clearly it says that natural diuretics are healthier than artificial. This is mainly because they have no chemicals for possible side effects. Furthermore, artificial can only be dispensed in pharmacies, while natural diuretics can be found in any natural health shop. Meanwhile, it should be noted that abusing of both is harmful for your health because if you remove too much water of the body, it might start not working properly.

The effect of natural diuretics is slower than the artificial. However, consumption is much healthier and beneficial to health as they are made of completely pure/raw elements. So if you suffer from water retention, HSNstore offers a healthy and effective option. Check it out!