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PUSH 10 - 32 SERV

PUSH 10 - 32 SERV


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Pre-trainer with GAKIC®, Waxy Maize and Beta Alanine. Increases strength by up to some 10,5% and endurance by up to 21%.


Suggested for significantly improving performance

PUSH10 by Muscletech is an incredible pre-training formula that increases strength by up to some 10,5% and muscle resistance by up to 21%.

Contains11g of GAKIC®, an ingredient that contains arginine, calcium keroisocaproic acid and glycin. In a study carried out at the University of Florida, subjects who took this key ingredient experienced a spectacular increase in strength by 10,5% compared to the group that took a placebo. In addition, the same study also revealed that the subjects increased their endurance by some 21% more than the subjects that took a placebo.

Contains Waxy maize, a carbohydrate that passes through the stomach, is absorbed by the intestine and assimilated immediately, much faster than dextrose or maltodextrose and as well as providing energy helps to assimilate nutrients at a much faster speed

PUSH10 by Muscletech also contains Beta-Alanine, an ingredient that floods your muscles with carnosine, the amino acid that acts as buffer against the accummulatuon of lactic acid. It is this accummulation of lactic acid that causes the sensation of burning and fatigue. Carnosine balances muscle acidity to allow you to train at higher intensity for longer.

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