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New HCL creatine formula with extract of fenugreek. Creatine chlorhidrate.
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CreaCore by Muscletech represents the evolution of creatine into concentrated powder. With a dose two times stronger than creatine HCL per serving, CreaCore is also the first and only creatine formula to use a scientifically studied dose of extract of fenugreek to improve the results.

The CreaCore formula does not require a loading or unloading cycle, and neither does it cause retentions. Each serving contains twice the amount of HCL creatine than any other HCL creatine on the market. Not only does it deliver a larger quantity of HCL creatine, but it also delivers scientific backing.

CreaCore delivers almost double the amount of HCL creatine servings than its closest competitor (80 as opposed to 48 servings).

CreaCore is the first formula with an exact ratio of creatine and extract of fenugreek (3500mg:900mg) for every 2 servings. In an article pertaining to a clinical study published in 2011, the subjects supplemented with this combination increased their maximum repetition on bench oress and legs, as well as gaining muscle mass. All this without needing to add carbohydrates

Researchers believe that taking fenugreek with creatine can be an effective formula for increasing the direct intake of creatine into the muscle similar to dextrose, without needing to consumer a large amount of carbohydrates.

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