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Sustained release protein, ideal for before bed and for prolonging anabolism.


  • 25g of Protein
  • Ideal as a source of Nocturnal Protein
  • Added digestive enzymes and probiotic formula

Casein by Muscle Pharm is the latest innovation in nocturnal protein source. This formula is designed to administer a sustained release protein to prolong the emptying of amino acids into the blood stream. Casein by Muscle Pharm includes a blend of digestive enzymes:

  • Lactase
  • Protease

To increase the assimilation of protein

Casein by Muscle Pharm incorporates a complex of probiotic elements to maintain an optimum state of health for intestinal flora. If you think of yourself as a serious athlete and want to achieve all your aspirations and obtain the best results, you will already know the importance of the rest phase, sleep.

This period is when the repair and reconstitution of the muscle tissues takes place. Therefore, it is the right decision to supply the organism with the elements it needs to ensure this process takes place correctly and effectively, in other words, providing amino acids.

And not only that, but for them to be emptied into the blood stream sequentially, promoting the state of anabolism throughout the entire night, while you rest. Casein by Muscle Pharm feeds your muscles while you sleep. Don’t miss the opportunity to keep growing!

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