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Meat protein isolate
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CARNIVOR by MuscleMeds is the first and only protein obtained from beef. It has long been known that bodybuilders and athletes consumer large quantities of beef to build muscle and increase strength. The building power of beef is indisputable.

Now, thanks to CARNIVOR it is possible to access the benefits of meat quickly and cleanly. Without cholesterol, fat or carbohydrates. CARNIVOR has been obtained through complex processes of extraction, clarification, hydrolysis and isolation of pure beef protein.

The protein from beef will provide you with a greater quantity of amino acids than any other protein source used in supplementation (milk isolate, soya, milk whey or egg).

Principal characteristics of CARNIVOR

  • 350% more concentrated than a fillet of beef.
  • More concentrated than whey protein.
  • With ANRT™ technology, which recycles amino acids and minimizes the metabolites of ammonia.
  • Enriched with Creatine and BCAAs.
  • 0% Fat, 0% Cholesterol, 0% Sugar.

ANRT™ (Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology) recycles amino acids and minimizes ammonia. This is the best technology used for muscle building. Protein is essentially indispensable to achieve muscle growth, paradoxically, protein can reduce muscle growth and construction if nitrogenised waste (such as ammonia) does not once again transform into the anabolic pathways of the tissue or is neutralised. ANRT™ is specifically designed to permit the recycling of amino acids towards muscle construction and thereby prevent the excessive accumulation of toxins such as ammonia, which is most unadvisable.

The retention factors of this technology include: glutamine-alpha-ketoglutarate, ornithine-alpha-ketoglutarate, KIC (alpha-ketoisocaproate) and AKG (alpha-ketoglutarate).

It provides 20 times more creatine than a fillet of beef per serving. One of the principal characteristics of CARNIVOR is that in coming from beef, it contains a large quantity of Creatine. As we all know, creatine is an effective volumizer of cells that helps us to achieve practically spontaneous growth. Added BCAAs. MuscleMeds to boost its anabolic action even more, improving muscle growth and reducing fatigue after training.

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