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Optimal dose of fast assimilating L-Arginine, L-Ornithine and L-Lysin.
EAA's and Hydrolysates

SUPER AMINO LIQUID 25ml is recommended for the following sports:

  • Endurance Sports
  • Extreme Sports
  • Combat Sports
  • Strength Sports
  • Power Sports
  • Racquet Sports
  • Team Sports
  • Water Sports


  • Amino-acid concentrate liquid vial
  • 3000 mg of Arginine, 2175 mg de Ornithine, 3000 mg of Lysin
  • Vitamin B to accelerate protein absorption
  • Muscle protection and recovery

Super Amino Liquid of Mutipower is a nutritional supplement in vial form that provides the body with an optimal dosage of essential and non-essential amino-acids, particularly Arginine, Ornithine and Lysin.

  • L-Arginine is an amino-acid involved in the production of Nitric Oxide that stimulates vasodilation. Vasodilation not only allows a higher muscle supply of nutrients, but also hormones and specially oxygen. This is the reason why this amino-acid is so important for strength workouts and muscle recovery.
  • Ornithine is an amino-acid that has a fundamental role in the urea cycle. It's really important, combined with arginine, in ammonia degradation, which is produced in protein metabolism. Besides, Ornithine is involved in the proper functioning of the liver and its detoxification. The combination of both stimulates hormone distribution and insulin production, and improves organism regeneration.
  • Lysin is a fundamental amino-acid in the protein construction phase, developing a key role in calcium assimilation, muscle protein formation and post-operative recovery. Lysin helps accelerate sport injuries as well as it stimulates the hormones, enzymes and antibodies release.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts SUPER AMINO LIQUID 25ml

Information SUPER AMINO LIQUID 25ml
Serving's size: 1 vial (25 ml)
Amount per servingNRV*
of which sugars0g++
of which saturates0g++
Vitamin B62mg142
NRVs (Nutrient Reference Values) establecidos en el Reglamento (UE) 1169/2011 de 25 de octubre de 2011. †† Los NRV en esta ocasión no están establecidos.
Ingredients: Water, L-arginine (13.2%), glycerine as stabilizer, L-ornithine (10%), L-lysine (1.3%), citric acid, aroma, preservative potassium sorbate, sweeteners: aspartame, acesulfame-K , sodium saccharin; vitamin B6, colouring: riboflavin. It contains a source of phenylalanine. It may contain traces of milk protein, gluten, soy and egg.

How to take SUPER AMINO LIQUID 25ml:

As a nutritional supplement, take 1 vial before training (within the previous 30-45 minutes) to ensure a correct nutrient assimilation and enhance muscle protection at the moment of the physical exercise. It can be combined with a drink to counteract the strong flavour of amino-acids.
Warnings: Before starting any nutritional and workout plan, consult your doctor. Nutritional supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


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