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MSM are the initials for Methylsulfonylmethane, a natural compound that has very interesting properties that have been clinically supported by many studies.

This substance is natural and contains sulphur, but taken regularly as a nutritional supplement works as a great help in many diseases related to joint pain/inflammation like arthritis, arthralgia, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

Besides improving inflammatory processes, MSM has been proven effective in other conditions like constipation, cramps and muscle pain, skin problems, acne, allergies or parasite problems. Nowadays, many promisisng studies about MSM on Systemic lupus erythematosus and other autoimmune diseases.

MSM is naturally found in all vertebrates food. Breast milk is one of the richest sources of MSM.

Taking MSM supplements might be essential as the assimilation rate can vary among the different sources, in fact they usually don’t meet the sulphur requirements because its levels can decrease as food gets processed.

Organic sulphur decisively participates in collagen and amino acid formation. Collagen deficiency provokes a wrong functioning of joints, which results in pain.

Scientific evidence states that sulphur can be very advisable in the treatment of several types of arthritis.

This ingredient helps rebuild sulphur concentration, favouring injury scarring and joint cartilage regeneration.

What is MSM?

  • Natural sulphur compound for the human body
  • Essential part of metabolism
  • Helps collagen formation
  • Helps essential amino acid production

MSM Properties

MSM is a basic element for the human body. This compound can be found in the human body and also in animal and vegetable micro-organisms. In fact, organic sulphur is a vital substance for the body.

Sulphur is involved in the formation of amino acids and collagen. Amino acids, are also basic for the development of the necessary proteins to form and maintain healthy bones and hair.

For this reason, MSM helps cartilage form and grow. Collagen is the natural lubricant of the organism, and its deficiency can provoke joint inflammation.

MSM also stimulates the formation of enzymes and active proteins that have many important functions in the organism like nutrient transport.

MSM is recommended in the following cases:

  • Facing sulphur deficiency
  • Nutritional imbalance
  • For those suffering joint pain and injuries
  • To revitalise brittle nails and brightless hair
  • To strengthen connective tissue
  • To accelerate injury scarring

MSM and its effects on the body

MSM makes cellular walls permeable, allowing water and nutrients to freely flow through cells and toxins to be removed. In combination with vitamin C, MSM is useful for the formation of new healthy cells and provides flexible connections between them.

If MSM levels are not adequate, our body can not build healthy cells, causing health problems like the decrease of agility, scars formation, wrinkles and varicose veins in the skin, atherosclerosis, lung damage, dry and cracked skin, digestive problems, joint pain and the inability to fight allergic reactions to foods, animals or plants.

MSM is an antioxidant that helps clean blood and eliminate toxins, strange proteins and free radicals that can damage cells.

In order to stay healthy we have to add MSM to our diet, which allows our body to regenerate and heal on its own. The body uses the dose it needs and after 12 hours, the amount that is left over is excreted.

A body that is built with healthy and flexible cells is not only a healthy body but it will also look better. The body is constantly working to replace old cells with new cells. This process keeps going on 24/7.

If the body has all the necessary raw ingredients to form the cell structure, the process is quick and effective. Otherwise, if there’s a deficiency, new cells may arise weaken, rigid or deformed.

One of the main raw ingredients for healthy new cells formation is organic sulphur, also known as Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM).

The optimum sulphur percentage for the human body is 0.25%, however, inorganic sulphur is not easily available for alive organisms.

This is not a medicine but a nutritional supplement that provides organic sulphur that is easily absorbed and used by the body.

Despite DMSO and MSM being chemically similar, both compounds are different. MSM is pure powder, stable, crystal white and doesn’t have the unpleasant smell and flavour of DMSO. In addition, MSM, unlike DMSO, does not produce body odor.

Since sulphur is found in all cells, it’s essential for this mineral to be available on abundance in order to be used by the body. Also, taking MSM in combination with vitamin c causes a positive effect in the construction of healthy cells.

New cells become more flexible and permeable, allowing fluids to easily go through the tissues. Internally, this implies a greater well-being, and at an externally, skin gets softer and nails stronger and brighter.

MSM, The Beauty Mineral

Sulphur is called “the beauty mineral” because it helps keep a smooth skin and a soft and bright hair. This special mineral is needed for collagen synthesis and it’s also found in keratin, a fundamental substance to keep healthy skin, nails and hair.

Methylsulfonylmethane is responsible for cell formation, skin cells included. It blocks unwanted chemicals and makes collagen connections associated to a regeneration of a young and resistant skin.

MSM, for this reason, increases skin flexibility and enhances its regeneration process. When the body has a sulphur deficiency, skin may start showing up cracks, wrinkles and anti-aesthetic scars.

MSM, on its own or in combination with vitamin C, can alleviate and cure acne and rosacea symptoms. When the organism has low sulphur resources, there is a growing number of possibilities that skin has anti-aesthetic scars, not regenerating properly.

When the skin has the necessary sulfur, the new cells will form softer and more flexible.

MSM supplements, alone or in combination with vitamin C, can relieve and cure the symptoms of acne and rosacea. When the body has scarce resources of this mineral, there are high chances that the skin will have unsightly scars and will not regenerate properly.

MSM contributes to a more elastic and permeable skin and can also help prevent blister formation, and accelerate sunburnt healing, as well as damages by the environmental causes.

Taking MSM makes nails grow faster, harder and less fragile. This occurs both in human and animal nails and hooves.

What is MSM and why do we need it?

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a sulphur form that is naturally produced in human tissue. MSM supply helps keep healthy connective tissue like tendons, ligaments and muscles, reason why it is important when suffering from arthrosis, muscle pain or bursitis.

MSM should be considered an essential factor when taking care of health due to its great physiological effects, its indirect function in the organism and its potential for future applications.

In order to understand MSM properties you should first know some basic information.

MSM is a “natural nutrient included in the human diet” that allows a sulphur supply in our diet.

Marine plankton releases sulphur compounds that raises up to the ozone layer, producing UV light MSM and DMSO. MSM and DMSO get back on the surface through rain, through which plants concentrate it again. Thanks to the evaporation process, its return to nature remains guaranteed.

MSM has a unique effect in tissues because it reduces cellular pressure, facilitating the elimination of fluids and toxins.

MSM is an organic form of sulphur. Sue Williams says “Sulphur is present in every cell and it’s an organic compound that is distributed all over the human body”.

Sulphur is produced in the body through sulphur forms with potassium, magnesium and selenium.

Sulphur compounds play a fundamental role for in organs functioning. Specially, sulphur is found in in hair, skin and nails. Many amino acids, which make up proteins, contain sulphur.

Taurine contains sulphur amino acids that are produced from methionine. Taurine stabilises cellular membranes and methionine detoxes cells and is involved in pain relief. Carnitine, derived from methionine, transports long chain fatty acids avoiding lipoproteins accumulation. Many B vitamins interact with sulphur or contain it. Sulphur is also necessary to produce insulin.

Currently, MSM is used to treat joint problems because sulphur is very close to bone structures. It facilitates that muscles, tendons and ligaments are healthy. Arthrosis relieves by taking MSM supplementation.

Some researchers have observed that the results of MSM applied for muscle relief after exercising. MSM normalises cellular pressure and allows to transport and eliminate toxins.

Oregon Health & Science University has carried out several studies on arthrosis through the observation of mouses. The results concluded:

  • Mouses who were administered with MSM “didn’t suffer any kind of cartilage degeneration”
  • Mouses who were not administered with MSM did suffer cartilage degeneration.

The University carried out the study one more time but with more than 120,000 patients, which concluded that MSM nutritional supplement relieves osteoarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle pain and muscle rigidity.

A scientist states that MSM is as safe as water. Whenever you take MSM you must drink an additional amount of water and take into account other nutritional facts.

  • Avoiding solanaceaes (tomato / potatoes / green pepper / beet) helps patients with arthrosis.
  • Biotin and vitamin C help the body with MSM absorption. They both are found in fresh fruit, so it’s advisable to eat fresh fruit when taking MSM

MSM can have many future applications besides arthrosis. The doctor Stanley Jacob believes that “most people have sulphur deficiency”. Insulin synthesis also relies on sulphur. There are many vitamins that also contain sulphur. In fact, many researchers believe that the future applications of sulphur will even get to alleviate allergies.

A good MSM product is totally safe and effective. MSM supplements source is usually pine lignin. Lignin is a molecule that is found in plant walls. Its oxidation in wine oaks is what guarantees wine’s vanilla flavour. Pine lignin is an ideal source to get a good MSM product.

MSM to fight allergies, toxins and parasites

The flexible and transparent tissue of cells is very important for toxins, allergens and strange substances to get easily eliminated from the body. When skin cells are soft and permeable, many toxins are eliminated through sweat, decreasing liver and kidney work.

Taking nutritional supplements through MSM capsules or MSM powder reduces allergy symptoms, even the reactions to insect bites or poison ivy are less intense when taking MSM. Vitamin C is also compatible with MSM, as it can decrease histamine levels.

MSM has also a great antiparasitic function against Giardia, Trichomonas, worms, worms and other intestinal parasites. When parasites stick to gut walls, they reproduce inside and can take indispensable nutrients away from the body indefinitely. MSM blocks parasites and when they cannot stick to mucosae, they are eliminated in form of toxins.

This also happens with alimentary allergens. MSM covers the surface of mucosae membranes for them to not be used by aggressive food allergens.

It can also bind to harmful agents to produce innocuous substances that are later excreted by the body. This enhances a normal and good digestion process and allows the body to obtain the maximum nutritive value.

People allergic to certain substances have felt a great improvement when taking MSM powder or capsules as a nutritional supplements. Also, it helps keep a healthy and flexible colon tissue, a better digestion and fight constipation.

MSM in food

MSM is a pure nutritional supplement that provides a great help in the daily diet. It is not used as a meal replacement but as an additional help for the human organism.

The body cannot generate enough organic sulphur, so it must be taken as a nutritional supplement to avoid its deficiency. Also, the amount of sulphur is very low in many foods - therefore it must be taken through supplementation.

MSM is necessary to keep a healthy metabolism and lubricated and flexible joints. It’s recommended to take MSM to keep a balanced diet as it provides a great well-being and it goes straight to where it’s needed.

What causes MSM or sulphur deficiency?

Sulfur multitasks in the body. It’s involved in the formation of collagen, and helps keep hair shiny and healthy skin, contributing to the permeability of cell membranes, which are involved in the production of hormones, amino acids and enzymes. It also helps the body remove harmful substances received through food or air.

Therefore MSM deficiency can affect many parts of the body, leading to joint problems or metabolic problems. But even having dry and dull hair, brittle nails and suffer general weakness, may be a sign that the body has a sulfur deficiency.

Taking MSM

MSM dietary supplement applies in cases of lack of sulfur in the body as well as prevention. The intake is carried out in each case feature at regular intervals over a long period of time. The MSM is specially prescribed to treat joint problems, skin or to pain in general.

Experts on MSM

Experts agree that MSM is essential for the body. The human body is formed in about 0.2 percent of sulfur compounds. A sulfur deficiency can cause irreparable damage. As often little sulfur is taken through diet, experts recommend an additional intake of dietary supplements of MSM.

MSM side effects and interactions

No interactions MSM dietary supplement with other drugs are known. Either an overdose of the sulfur compounds may occur, since the body processes or deposited for later use. No side effects of MSM are known, since it is a natural compound of sulfur which is absorbed by the body and used directly without problems by the body.

MSM for inflammation

MSM - Support for pain, inflammation and allergy

Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM), also called Dimethyl Sulfone among health professionals and the general public, is more popular every day because of its benefits to relieve pain and increase overall well-being. Many doctors have discovered that the medications taken by patients to relieve the discomfort can be reduced if they take methylsulfonylmethane as a dietary supplement, either as capsules or powder...