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Ultra concentrated pre-trainer for maximum drive and focus.
Nitric Oxide + Creatine


Black Powder Ultra by MRI is an ultra-concentrated pre-trainer product with the following characteristics:

  • Increases energy vis-a-vis training
  • Delays physical fatigue
  • Improves concentration and reaction time
  • Promotes protein synthesis

Black Powder Ultra by MRI is a formula for providing intense workouts, created in accordance with latest advances in research in sports nutrition. The field of action for Black Powder Ultra pertains to the following:

  • Helps the body to generate POWER
  • Stimulates the synthesis of proteins and STRENGTH
  • Combats mental and muscular fatigue to increase ENDURANCE
  • Increases Concentration, Energy and reduces Reaction Time for greater INTENSITY
  • 'Nourishes” the ENERGY supply pathways
  • Improves RECOVERY processes
  • Boosts the metabolism to increase THERMOGENESIS

Regardless of the specific objective, whether high performance athletes or simple fitness enthusiasts, they have something in common: the obsession for achieving the very best results in each field, and above all in terms of body composition. To achieve these goals, each training session is undertaken furiously, at high intensity.

Black Powder Ultra has been formulated to achieve the mind-muscle connection, and make it solid, thereby inducing a workout in which each athlete can express their entire potential. Each ingredient has been studied in accordance with latest innovations in supplementation research, and it can therefore be said that this product is amongst the most advanced in its sector.

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