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Don't waste any more workouts!
Post-Workout and Recovery


DARK MATTER by MHP is a new latest generation product with incredible advances and technologies. DARK MATTER is a high quality, unbeatable, post-trainer supplement, due to its composition and guaranteed results.

Try it and you will notice the difference. It is a fantastic product for promoting immediate muscle growth. The sooner you supply key nutrients in the blood, the larger quantity will reach the muscles. DARK MATTER permits greater absorption of nutrients and creates an optimal anabolic environment. It increases the level of insulin.

Active components:

  • ProSYNTHAGEN™: The unique blend of ProSynthagen of free form essential amino acids enormously stimulates faster protein synthesis than whey isolate. With ProSynthagen not only will it be quicker, but it’s so powerful that each dose stimulated the synthesis of the equivalent of 40g of protein. In addition, the matrix of ProSynthagen amino acids has been perfected with 'Dual Portal Transport' for faster and more uniform intestinal absorption, combining these powerful free amino acids with Leucrose™, a new and unique di-peptide developed from leucine-alanine. Leucrose™ also increases anabolic activity regulating protein synthesis and saving the critical branched chain amino acids. These unique characteristics provide ProSynthagen with a much higher protein synthesis result than any other source of protein, leading to more significant muscle-building effects.
  • WaxiMAX-C3G™: Dramatically increased level of insulin.
  • HydroSIZE™: This is a multi-source formula of creatine and glycerol to obtain greater muscle volume and bio-energetic load of creatine in the fine muscle tissue. This complex provides the optimal amount of creatine in the form of creatine pyruvate and creatine gluconate which will be quickly transported in tandem with maximum levels of insulin, amino acids and glycogen. In addition, the inclusion of MicroTein, a micro-encapsulated creatine of sustained release provides an ongoing source of creatine for maximum saturation and cell volume.
  • High Velocity Nano-Physics: The final step for immersing ourselves in post-training supplementation in a new anabolic dimension, was the development of a new type of nano-technology called High Velocity Nano-Physics. This technology is based on the physical collision of high speed particles of compatible nano-fusion materials. High Velocity Nano-Physics permit maximum velocity, so that bio-efficiency and synchronization of micro-nutrients quickly open up the anabolic window and create a synergic delivery of ProSynthagen.

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