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WHEY & OATS - 1.5Kg

WHEY & OATS - 1.5Kg


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Blend of proteins and oats. Ideal for breakfast!


  • Whey isolate protein and oats.
  • Enriched with glutamine peptides.
  • Favours growth and maintenance of the muscle tissue.
  • Dose of energy in the form of carbohydrates of low glycaemic rate.
  • Source of proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  • It is delicious, very healty and satiating.

Whey & Oats by Innov8 is a food supplement that combines an optimal dose of whey protein of the very highest quality with carbohydrates from oats.

This combination is ideal for breakfast or for before training as on the one hand it provides us with complex carbohydrates that give us prolonged energy, fibre, vitamins and minerals and on the other hand, whey protein and glutamine peptides to maintain a positive nitrogen balance in the body and thereby boost muscle growth.

By containing carbohydrates of slow assimilation, it has a satiating effect that lasts for longer and greater control over blood sugar levels. You will be able to go hours without feeling hungry and this is therefore also good for weight loss plans.

Ideal for preparing flapjacks, shakes, adding to milk or for patisserie recipes.

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