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Whey protein concentrate and casein. With creatine and glutamine.
Whey Protein Concentrate


  • With glutamine and creatine
  • Concentrated protein, native whey and casein
  • Delicious flavours

Protein deluxe by Innov8 is an innovative formula that provides a dose of concentrated milk whey protein, native whey and casein to provide all the nutrients you need to increase your muscle mass.

This combination of proteins of different assimilation rates, establishes a sustained supply of amino acids into the blood stream. This type of food supplement is ideal above all when we are about to embark on a long period without ingesting food and want to maintain your organism in a continual anabolis state.

As we know, whey protein is the protein source of greatest biological value, value that represents the maximum usage capacity of a protein. In the world of sports nutrition, it is absolutely indisputable that protein is the nutrient responsible for the growth of muscle fibre.

But the function of proteins does not end there. Protein is fundamental in diverse proteins such as the formation of enzymes, the creation of new tissues, repair of organs and production of hormones. Without protein there can be no growth. Protein Deluxe contains all the essential amino acids for muscle development.

It is rich in BCAAs and Glutamine, to accelerate recovery of the muscles and promote anabolic processes. It is also enriched with creatine, ingredient that increases physical perfomance in exercises of short duration and high intensity.

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