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Maximum anabolic action. With 50g of protein, Hydro Amino, Precision Pro™ and Waxy Speed™.
Mass Gainers


  • 50g of protein
  • 1200Kcal per serving
  • With creatine and glutamine
  • Includes Hydro Amino, Precision Pro™ and Waxy Speed™

Make each training session have an effect on your muscle gain with the new Hard Mass Gainer by Inner Armour Blue. Includes the optimal combination of macro and micro nutrients, in specific doses which increase energy levels, promoting the development of muscle mass, increasing recovery speed, reducing muscle pain and improving the function of the immune system.

Hard Mass Gainer by Inner Armour Blue has been specifically developed for those who work hard and find it difficult to gain weight.

  • Hard Mass Gainer provides 50g of protein of unrivalled quality to achieve extreme muscle gain. It includes whey protein concentrate and micellar casein, two proteins of different absorption speeds to create in the body an anabolic state for several hours after its ingestion. It contains an exclusive patented complex Precision Pro™ provides di, tri and poly-peptides. This protein concentrate includes a high content in nitrogen and in branched chain amino acids (BCAA) with great bioavailability, the absorption rate of which helps to optimize use of the protein to increase anabolic action.
  • Also includes Hydro Amino, a powerful source of essential and non-essential amino acids from hydrolysed whey protein. With this product you will manage to maintain a constant anabolic state thanks to the positive balance of nitrogen it produces in the blood stream.
  • Hard Mass Gainer includes within its ingredients the formula Waxy Speed™, a matrix of long and short chain carbohydrates (amylopectin and maltodextrin) which increases the capacity of muscle glycogen reserves thereby ensuring sports performance is not compromised. Carbohydrates also help ensure that proteins (amino acids), water and other nutrients reach your muscles, in such a way that they will help you to recover and grow more quickly.
  • The Hard Mass Gainer formula has been enriched with creatine, glutamine peptides and free form glutamine to accelerate and reinforce the anabolic action of this mass gainer. Creatine promotes cell hydration, increases explosive energy and increases maximum strength, while glutamine is a powerful anti-catabolic agent, which also boosts muscle recovery and helps keep the immune system healthy.

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