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100% ISOLATE ZERO - 1.8Kg

100% ISOLATE ZERO - 1.8Kg


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100% whey isolate, not denatured, pure and refined. No fats or carbohydrates.
Whey Protein Isolate


100% Isolate Zero by Inner Armour Blue is a food supplement based on whey isolate protein, not denatured, pure and refined. It has been filtered to remove unwanted fats, sugars, cholesterol and carbohydrates.

Studies suggest that the ingestion of fast-acting protein sources increase levels of amino acids in the systemic circulation where they will be available for muscle protein anabolism (growth), and the repair of tissue damaged during training. The quicker these amino acids reach the blood stream, the greater will be the muscle-building reaction.

100% Isolate Zero has been micro-filtered at low temperature to provide proteins that have not been denatured with a total balance of bioactive whey protein fractions. Unlike other proteins filtered conventionally, cold filtering helps to halt the denaturing of proteins. Use of the heat filtering method is the fastest, cheapest and easiest to manufacture. However, heat damages the protein and eliminates some of its qualities (it becomes denatured).

The cold filtration process removes concern about excess heat and helps keep the protein intact so that it can be used in the optimal manner by the organism. In addition, 100% Isolate Zero has been manufactured using a procedure known as 'Low shearing Force 90 Second Blending' in other words, it has been blended for less than 90 seconds. During the manufacture of conventional proteins, the strength created when these are combined with sub-optimal mixers, causes an increase in “fractures” in the protein. These 'fractures' can reduce important functional components in the proteins.

While 100% Isolate Zero has been blended using a special procedure, in which the protein is not blended for more than 90 seconds to avoid fractures in the protein chains.

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