Inner Armour Black

Inner Armor is a brand developed by the Parisi speed school and, at the beginning, they started to develop the nutritional supplements especially for high school and university students and professional athletes of the school. Today it is one of the most respected brands in the sector. Inner Armor is a trusted brand, used by the most prestigious athletes at an international level.

This is a brand that enjoys an impeccable reputation in the nutrition sector because it has quality standards well above the norm. Each product is developed with clinically proven ingredients that appear in the final product, without the use of prohibited substances.

The world sports doping laboratory, HFL Sport Science, is responsible for certifying that all nutritional supplements bearing the logo Inner Armour are completely free of prohibited substances.

In addition, Inner Armour is an innovative brand that developes formulas adapted 100% to the needs of the athlete. Each product is the result of meticulous work by scientists, trainers and dietitians who are responsible for studying and developeing effective formulas that will really help to improve physical performance.

Inner Armour product range

Inner Armour has 2 distinct product ranges. Inner Armour Black range with black tubs and the Inner Armour Blue range with blue tubs.

The Inner Armour Black range is called Peak Series and includes formulas to improve performance, aimed primarily at professional athletes. This range strongly emphasises that all products are made with "non-prohibited substances". Amino Blitz stands out as a pre-training product, Nitro Peak and Casein Peak as proteins, BCAA Peak and Mass Peak as mass gainers and Test Peak as a natural anabolic.

The Inner Armour Blue range named Lean Muscle Series is more aimed at the public who are seeking to "transform their bodies" , or athletes looking to improve their physiques and promote the increase of muscle mass. Hard Mass Gainer stands out as mass-gainer, Whey Protein as a protein shake, Shred Factor, Green Tea, Carnitine and Caffeine as pre-training products, Anabolic Test as a natural anabolic and Amino Recovery as a post-training recovery product.

Inner Armor does not have a wide variety of products. It has a fairly limited range, focusing on the products that are considered the most important and essential in an athlete's diet.

Top Inner Armour Black products

  1. BCAA peak
  2. Anabolic peak
  3. Muscle peak
  4. Nitro peak
  5. Casein peak