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Improve your performance and accelerate your recovery with this specially designed Crossfit Pack.
Endurance Boost



  • Fast availability energy support
  • Promote ATP Resynthesis
  • Reduce and buffer lactate
  • Delay muscle fatigue
  • Enhance oxygenation and nutrient transport
  • Adding amino acids in their free form for instant assimilation
  • Metabolic signaling for the synthesis and regeneration of muscle tissues
  • Optimize excretion of metabolic waste products
  • Improve muscle recovery and reduce DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)
Pack Crossfit

The aim of this pack is to serve as an aid during the course of your workout sessions and even during CrossFit competitive events, at one of the most important moments: intra-workout

  • Sportspeople and/or Athletes that train with high-intensity and explosive activities
  • Sportspeople and/or Athletes who train lifting loads
  • Anyone with a high workout frequency (more than 4 times a week) and even with double daily sessions.


  • Physical activities where the use of the Phosphatic and Glucolytic System as an energy substrate is prioritized
  • High performance sports disciplines: CrossFit, Weightlifting, Athletics, Powerlifting...
  • Sportspeople and/or Athletes who practice very demanding activities and need to maintain the intensity and performance during the course of these activities
  • Both for quality workouts and competitive events



Evocarbs 1Kg by HSN Sports

Evocarbs is a triple combination of carbohydrates from: Maltodextrin Dextrose Fructose

This way a gradual and progressive rate of absorption of glucose will be obtained. When we perform an activity of a strong glycolytic nature, such as CrossFit, depending on the capacity status of our energy stores, ie, muscle and liver glycogen, it will set our performance curve. As these stores are being depleted as a result of successive load lifting runs, or by running several rounds of a WOD, our performance level will decline. In order to overcome this energy deficit, incurring half-way through this process by administering an effective energy supply can be key for raising and boosting our physical capacity and therefore, to finish the circuit or number of rounds, with full guarantees.

Evocarbs includes an electrolyte matrix for proper hydration. As we all know, the thermogenesis produced by a high intensity training, causes our body to respond through sweat as a way to evacuate the heat. In this aspect, we will be losing both liquid (water) and mineral salts, with the consequent risk involved. Recall that the mineral salts are a set of minerals that must remain in perfect balance, in order to properly produce the neuromuscular impulses. A direct consequence of losing a high amount of these mineral salts will be that we suffer cramps and muscular seizures, finally forcing us to cease the activity.

Evocarbs is available in 3 refreshing flavors, and may become your best companion!

Creatina Monohidrato Micronizada

Micronized Creatine 150g by HSN Raw Series

The ergogenic support with the greatest scientific support. Creatine is a supplement designed to significantly influence the performance of the athlete and/or sportsperson causing cell saturation of ATP deposits. This molecule is the energy exchange currency at a cellular level, to work in those activities of a high intensity and brief duration.

CrossFit has a similarity when facing the explanation of how creatine functions: sub-maximal repetition runs, executed at high intensity, and with a short rest period.

ATP deposits need a period of time to completely resynthesize themselves, around 3-5 minutes, although in a shorter period of time at least 70% will have been restored. To get the maximum guarantees when facing an Olympic lifting, or a set of sprints, the benefits of creatine supplementation will be to refill the reserves quicker. Additionally, there is a gain of the maximum strength associated to creatine, as well as inducing muscle growth.

The fluid retention (famous among the fitness sector) occurs at an intracellular level, not subcutaneous, so that the effects that are appreciated are minimal at an aesthetic level, but they will have a significant repercussion on the performance and physical deployment, maintaining the adequate cellular hydration, and consequently, obtaining its benefits.

Citrulina Malato

Citrulline Malate 150g by HSN Raw Series

Citrulline Malate is a combination of an amino acid with a salt, obtaining an excellent aid in order to enhance the performance of the athlete and/or sportsperson through 3 main routes of action:

Collaborate in the ATP resynthesis: as mentioned above, high intensity activities cause depletion of the phosphagen system, so to re-establish this energy route, it is necessary to wait a certain amount of time, to perform the movement. Citrulline may help in this aspect and accelerate the cellular ATP refill.

NO precursor (Nitric Oxide): this substance is released by our organism in the presence of precursors, such as citrulline, and will therefore produce a response that involves the increase of the transport of nutrients and cellular oxygenation of muscle tissues, being an excellent support for those muscles that are fully active.

Optimize the release of metabolic waste: like the accumulation of lactate, or ammonia, among others, induced by the high intensity activity, which causes an alteration at blood level, and would lead to a decrease in performance and acute muscle fatigue. Depending on the level of intensity, we might have to finish the activity at that precise moment, when we reach our muscular saturation limit. Citrulline can produce a quick clean of the tissues, helping in this way to continue with the physical activity. In addition to this, another benefit is that it exerts an antioxidant action.

Beta Alanina

Beta Alanine 150g by HSN Raw Series

Beta Alanine is an amino acid whose main function is to serve as a support to increase the concentration of intramuscular carnosine, therefore it is a precursor to carnosine. The properties of this new amino acid are directly related to the improvement of performance, in particular, in those activities that last more than 45-60 seconds, as would be any WOD of CrossFit. Its mechanism of action is based on buffering the lactic acid that is generated in the high intensity efforts, and that would cause the alteration of the blood pH and thus force to reduce the intensity of the exercise or in the worst case, cease it completely. Carnosine will act as a neutralizing agent for hydrogen ions, as a buffer.

Beta alanine produces a synergistic effect in combination with creatine, that is, each of their effects are enhanced when ingested within the same planing.


Evobcaa's 120g by HSN Sports

Evobcaa's are branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are a type of essential amino acids, ie those that our body is not able to synthesize, and therefore, must incorporate them through diet and/or supplementation. In the particular case of BCAAs, their importance resides in the fact that , at the physiological level the constitute around a third of the skeletal muscle, and also, they are the ones that suffer greater damage or degradation through physical stress.

L-Leucine is one of 3 BCAAs, and is possibly the one with the highest anabolic properties: it stimulates a metabolic pathway, known as mTOR, which establishes the network of operations that are necessary to begin protein synthesis.


This pack is intended to be taken in the Peri-workout ie the moments of before, during and after physical activity. In this case, the drink during the workout is recommended to taken in sips between sets, or just before and after the WODS.

Given the availability of nutrients, and depending on the weight of each person, we offer a possible scheme of how to take the pack:

Before Workout

From 30 to 45min before training, mix with 200ml of water:

  • 1/2-1 dispenser of Evobcaa's
  • 2-4g of Beta Alanine
  • 6-8g of Citrulline Malate

During Workout

Mix and take for every 30-45min of physical activity:

  • 1-1,5 dispenser of Evocarbs with 400ml of water.

After Workout

Mix with 400ml of water:

  • 1/2-1 dispenser of Evobcaa's
  • 2-4g of Beta Alanine
  • 1g of Creatine for each 10kg of body weight

Nutritional Facts


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