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BCAA´s 12:1:1 and Glutamine.* BCAA´s 10:1:1 and Glutamine for fruit punch
BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

EVOBCAA'S (BCAA'S 12:1:1 GLUTAMINE) is recommended for the following sports:

  • Endurance Sports
  • Extreme Sports
  • Strength Sports
  • Power Sports
  • Racquet Sports
  • Team Sports


  • Supports MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis) or protein synthesis stimulation
  • Prevents protein degradation in times of caloric restriction or definition
  • Serves as an energy source when there is a deficit of carbohydrates
  • Helps reduce exhaustion and muscle fatigue
  • 100% Vegan product, obtained from a vegetable fermentation process and free of GMOs
  • Can improve sports performance
  • Ideal for fasting workouts

What is Evobcaa's?

Evobcaa's by HSN Sports is a supplement based on Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) and top quality Glutamine guaranteed by Within sports supplementation, BCAAs are among the most consumed products given their properties as well as the results they have produced at the following levels:

  • Accelerating muscle recovery
  • Contributing to muscle growth
  • Maintaining muscle mass in definition diets (cutting stage)

Evobcaa's composition

Each Evobcaa's 11g dispenser will deliver:

  • 7,2g of BCAA's
  • 2,5g of L-Glutamine

BCAA's is composed by 3 essential amino acids, integrating: L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine. The amino acid leucine is the one that has greater properties to enhance the hormonal environment as to favor protein synthesis.

BCAA's make up about a third of the skeletal muscle, and they are also the ones that suffer the greatest degradation as a result of physical stress. In this sense, opting for its supplementation will help regenerate damaged muscle fibers more quickly.

Evobcaa's and L-Glutamine

The combination with the amino acid L-Glutamine, will make up a splendid synergistic formula. The presence of the amino acid glutamine is predominant in the muscle tissue. It is considered a conditional amino acid, that is, under certain circumstances, its synthesis may not be enough for the demand produced by the organism. And among these situations, are those periods of greater physical degradation, caused by a high volume and intensity of training. Likewise, if we seek to reduce fat percentage, its generation can be equally conditioned as well as muscle mass being involved.

Ingesting glutamine will help raise its plasma levels, while supplying BCAAs will serve as regenerative elements of muscle mass.

Evobcaa's Properties and Benefits

Hereafter we will explain the most important properties and benefits of Evobcaa's:

Evobcaa's and MPS

The acronyms MPS make reference to the synthesis of proteins. It is well known that branched amino acids play an important role in muscle growth and recovery, but it is L-Leucine that has been shown to play a greater role in protein synthesis through different mechanisms of action, including mTOR and P13K stimulation (these are the protein synthesis regulators).

In this sense, leucine will act like a switch to initiate the physiological processes involved with protein synthesis and all the necessary framework.

Evobcaa's and Ratio 12:1:1

The ratio offered by Evobcaa's is 12:1:1*, which refers to the proportion ratio between: Leucine:Valine:Isoleucine. Within similar products of the catalog, none of them are close to reaching this composition. To create a food simile, we could conclude that this same content of amino acid could be found in other sources:


L-Leucine (g)


1 Evobcaa's scoop (11g)


18-20 egg whites

1 Evobcaa's scoop (11g)


72g Whey Protein Isolate (Evolate)

1 Evobcaa's scoop (11g)


92g Soy Protein Isolate

1 Evobcaa's scoop (11g)


990-1000ml of Cow milk (full-cream)

1 Evobcaa's scoop (11g)


350g Of Chicken breast

L-Leucine comparative table of Evobcaa's Vs Other sources (Source:,

Evobcaa's offer the most powerful BCAAs formula of the market

Evobcaa's and Dissolution

Naturally, BCAAs are hydrophobic molecules, ie they are not soluble in water. However, Evobcaa's uses a state-of-the-art formula, Instant, which will facilitate the mixing process with liquid, either on its own or in combination with other supplements, such as proteins or other amino acids.

Evobcaa's are the best dissolving BCAAs on the market

Evobcaa's and Sport Performance

BCAAs, as an ergogenic aid, can influence on athletic performance and improve body composition. It is well known that training with overload, applying an adequate stimulus will force our body to generate a series of adaptations. Among these is the hypertrophic response of muscle tissues. Of course, drawn from a correct supply of calories and proteins.

The insulin hormone also plays a prominent role in the process of hypertrophy. It is able to stimulate protein synthesis while preventing muscle breakdown as it is administered before, during and/or after training. Leucine is the only amino acid capable of stimulating the insulin response, even with low blood glucose levels. With all of this, we are able to protect the tissues from the degradation induced by the exercise itself.

Evobcaa's during Training

The Evobcaa's can be consumed during training as an 'intra-training' drink, between breaks in the sets. By doing so, we are going to obtain a decrease in our protein degradation net rate, an improvement in both mental and physical performance, and it can help save muscle glycogen, which is of interest in low carbohydrate diets.

Evobcaa's and Fasting Training

The strategy of fasting may create interest while generating a series of questions in the athlete. And these are directly related to muscle mass. As we have described, including BCAAs in our training plan will achieve beneficial effects in order to preserve muscle mass and optimize the hypertrophic response and post-training recovery if we have not consumed any food before training.

Who can benefit from EVOBCAA's?

  • Sportsmen who want to recover properly after their workouts.
  • Athletes who want to protect their muscle mass during training, especially in long-duration or high-intensity sports.
  • Sportsmen looking to develop their muscle mass.
  • General population seeking to protect their muscle tissue from the effect of age, weight loss treatments, etc.

* The proportion of BCAA's in the Fruit Punch flavor is 10:1:1.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts EVOBCAA'S (BCAA'S 10:1:1 + GLUTAMINE) 840g FRUIT PUNCH

per servingper 100g
Information EVOBCAA'S (BCAA'S 10:1:1 + GLUTAMINE) 840g FRUIT PUNCH
Serving size: 1 scoop (11g)
Servings per container: 76
Amount per servingNRV*
of which saturates0g++
of which sugars0g++
NRVs (Nutrient Reference Values) establecidos en el Reglamento (UE) 1169/2011 de 25 de octubre de 2011. †† Los NRV en esta ocasión no están establecidos.
Ingredients: L-Leucine, L-glutamine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, acidity E330 (citric acid), fruit punch flavor, maltodextrin, monopotassium phosphate, E950 sweetener (acesulfame K), caking E551 (silicon dioxide ), coloring E129 (allura Red AC)

How to take EVOBCAA'S (BCAA'S 12:1:1 + GLUTAMINA):

Mix 1 dispenser (11g) with 200ml of water and take before, during and/or after training. EVOBCAA'S can be taken two ways: 1. As a pre/intra training drink. 2. Immediately after exercise and before your post-training shake (EVOWHEY or EVOEXCEL).
Warnings: Before starting any nutritional and workout plan, consult your doctor. Nutritional supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the daily recommended dosage. Once opened store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of small children. Colourant E129: May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

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El sabor ponche de frutas no es el más sabroso del mundo, sin embargo se notan y se agraceden los resultados que es lo importante. Recibí también una muestra de sabor coca cola y mucho más bueno!

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