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Extra fine rice flour. Neutral or with flavors.
Special Flours


  • Perfect for sweet recipes (pancakes, muffins, sponge cakes, pancakes ...)
  • Ideal for enriching your protein shakes or pre- or post-workout drinks
  • Provides energy in a healthy way
  • Contributes to a varied and balanced diet

What is Rice Flour?

Rice flour by HSN Raw is a nutritional supplement made of flour from finely ground rice. It is ideal to make endless dishes, from sweet recipes, pastas (noodles, tagliatelle...) and bread to being used as a thickener for creams and sauces. It is a fine and light white flour, it has a slight sweet flavour and it mixes very well with all types of ingredients and drinks.

How to obtain Rice Flour?

Rice flour, is obtained by grinding healthy and clean grains of this cereal. The husk is first removed from the cereal and the raw grain is crushed according to the desired granulometry. It is then processed to remove moisture to get a fine white flour. This procedure changes the physical property of the rice and gives it new uses and applications. However, it still maintains the same nutritional characteristics as those of the original grain.

Rice Flour and Quality

To obtain the rice flour, the cereal is ground passing through different processes, sieves, classifications and mills, which will ensure that the final product fulfils the requirements to be considered a quality product.

Before packaging our rice flour, it is run through a sifter that will ensure that the powder we are going to pack meets all the quality and composition demands that make us leaders in the nutrition sector.

Our rice flour has a very low humidity and an extra fine granulometry providing an optimum behaviour for all the uses that the customers may give it.

Rice Flour Properties

Starch is the main component of rice flour, about a 80%. Starch is a carbohydrate found in cereals, in root vegetables such as carrots and in tubers. Starch is made of amylose and amylopectin, the proportion of each one of them will determine the culinary characteristics and the glycemic index of the product. Rice starch is composed of approximately 80% amylopectin and 25% amylose, as the grinding of the rice grains decreases the proportion of amylose.

This makes rice flour digested and absorbed more quickly and have a relatively high glycemic index.

Nutritional Information of Rice Flour

Vitamins and Minerals

White rice flour normally contains quantities of B vitamins, especially thiamine or vitamin B1, riboflavin or vitamin B2 and niacin or vitamin B3, as well as magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. The fact that it does not contain cholesterol, saturated fats or sodium is considered a positive aspect.


As explained previously, the kind of carbohydrate is of the complex type, as it is integrated by starch, which is made of chains of more than one molecule of glucose (polymers).


Rice flour does not contain a high percentage of proteins, normally these only represent a 7% and the amount of fiber is practically non-existent. Rice flour is therefore a food that is poor in proteins. The quality of the proteins depends on having all of the essential amino acids in the right proportions. If it does not contain one or more of them in the right proportions, the protein is considered incomplete or of a bad quality. In the case of rice there is one amino acid that is limiting, ie, that is not present. This amino acid is Lysine. To cover the need of this amino acid, we can mix the rice flour with quality proteins or with food that contain this amino acid such as lentils or chickpeas.


The fat content is practically non-existent.

Glycemic Index of Rice Flour

Rice flour has a high glycemic index (95). This means that it will produce a quick increase of blood glucose levels, nevertheless, this figure tends to decrease due to using the rice flour in recipes with other ingredients, such as proteins or fats, not producing such an impact.

In the world of sports, being a carbohydrate with a high GI, flavoured rice flours are perfect to add to post-workout shakes. It mixes and is digested very well, helping to replenish muscle glycogen stores and promote recovery processes.

Rice Flour Recipes

Rice flour is widely used to substitute other flours for making bread and other specific products for people suffering from gluten-related disorders (such as celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity).

Gluten-Free Rice Flour

However, rice flour is only suitable when it is 100% free of any cross-contamination with gluten (it does not contain 'traces'). Normally, during the process of harvesting, transportation, grinding, storage, processing and/or production, it can be contaminated with other cereals (or residues thereof) than do contain gluten.

Therefore, people who are intolerant to gluten should always look for a rice flour that specifies that it is gluten-free and does not contain trace amounts of it.

High versatility

Rice flour offers a high versatility for cooking uses. It is one of the basic ingredients to make bread*, pasta and sweet recipes (pancakes, cookies, sponges, waffles, etc.).

Because of its high digestibility, rice flour is widely used to make infant formulas (porridge, rice cream, etc.). It is widely used as a thickener in sauces and creams because its flavor does not affect the final product or to make tempura and batter, given its poor capacity to absorb oil. It can also be used to make rice noodles, rice pancakes or spring rolls and other Oriental dishes.

We must note that, when making the dough to produce bread, the rice flour must be combined with some type of thickener, such as xanthan gum, so that the ingredients hold together, and it provides consistency, elasticity and sponginess to the final product.

Who can take Rice Flour?

  • Athletes that seek a carbohydrate source to perform at their maximum in each workout and enhance their recovery afterwards.
  • Anyone who wants a quality product to make their recipes (pancakes, sponges...)
  • Due to its low fat content, it is ideal for fitness diets and weight control regimes.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts RICE FLOUR 1Kg CHOCOLATE

per servingper 100g
Serving size: 1 dispenser (50g)
Servings per container:
Amount per serving
of which saturates0,5g
of which sugars0g
Ingredients: Rice flour, Cocoa, Flavour, Sweetener E 955 (sucralose).

How to take HARINA DE ARROZ:

To make your own pancakes: Mix 50g (1 dispenser) with egg whites to your liking, for breakfast and/or an afternoon snack. Or mix 2 dispensers (100g) with 300ml of water, milk or juice.
Warnings: Store in a cool and dry place.

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