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Flexible pilates ring. Comfortable, resistant and lightweight.
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  • Flexible pilates ring
  • With padded handle for comfortable grip
  • 38cm in diameter
  • Comfortable, resistant and lightweight

What is the Pilates Ring?

Pilates ring, as its name suggests it is a hoop that is used for this training system, it has approximately 38 centimeters diameter, made with rubber and has two padded handles to the sides to be able to press or pull them.

It is a very flexible ring that can adapt perfectly to the shape of our body, because seeking the comfort of the exercise is vital to follow the basic pillars of pilates, which should be relaxed and smooth.

What is the pilates ring for?

The use of this ring is one of the best ways to complete the different exercises that make up pilates routines, making it more stimulating and intense.

It can be placed on different parts of the body (ankles, knees, hands...) and increases the intensity and endurance of the exercises, increasing their difficulty, and sometimes serves as an aid to facilitate them (for example, when we want to have a better perception of how we place the scapula, pelvis, or midline of the body).

This ring is the perfect tool to improve some essential aspects of the method, like the stabilization of the scapula and the neutral pelvis, the alignment, the increase of resistance and general strength, and especially of the deep muscles, because it requires a great central control and strength to use it.

It is an element that works very well as feedback, to place the body in space and to know which muscles are activated with each exercise, increase the movement orientation and perception.

If you practice Pilates or any other type of functional training, this ring will bring you great benefits in gaining greater control over your body and toning it.

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