HSN Equipment

HSN Equipment is a line focused on offering a wide range of items to complete your workout routines at home.

We know that doing regular sports and having a healthy and balanced diet are two essential habits for staying healthy. However, these days it is really complicated to combine sports with our different occupations during the day. Lack of time is one of the main reasons so many people cannot go to the gym to get their recommended daily exercise, which is so important for our health.

For this reason, the HSN Equipment range offers a wide variety of home exercise equipment, which allows you to complete workout routines without necessarily having to go to the gym.

In this section you will find a multitude of really inexpensive exercise accessories, just like you might find in any gym: fitballs or pilates balls, TRX training system, weights, exercise bars, dumbbells, mats, skipping ropes, kettlebells (or Russian weights) etc.

There’s no excuse for not doing sport and staying in shape!