High protein diets are based on a protein intake increase without surpassing the recommended limits for every person. Since it’s not considered as a balanced diet, it’s not advisable to follow it for too long as it might end up being harmful. However, it’s ideal for people wanting to lose a few pounds in a short period of time.

In general, high protein diets are like a shock treatment to revert bad eating habits. Besides, as the intake of meat and other products excluded from most of the traditional diets are allowed, it’s perfect for those who cannot achieve their goals through different methods.

High protein diets have three phases. The first phase is called active or total phase, and consists of fasting and avoiding any food that is not a protein preparation, usually shakes and oligoelement and vitamin supplements, including vegetables. This phase does not have a specific duration as it depends on how many pounds you want to lose.

In the second phase, some kind of foods are progressively included, so weight loss is lower. Likewise, once the third phase starts, any food is allowed. However, rebound effect after this type of diets are very common, so it’s recommended to be careful in this process. Optimizing meal times and doing physical exercise is fundamental for this to not happen.

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