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Energy support for your workouts.
Energy Bars


  • Energy boost (fast absorption sugars)
  • Low in fats
  • Greater physical performance
  • 83Kcal per bar

Inspire Cereal Bar by Gold Nutrition is a perfect energy bar for any time of day, as it has low fat content and administers an extra supply of quick energy (in the shape of fast absorption sugars). Inspire Cereal Bar is ideal for all types of athletes and can be consumed before, during and after physical exercise.

Inspire Cereal Bar by Gold Nutrition has delicious flavour, contains concentrated fruits and cereals. You can choose from amongst various flavours:

  • Strawberry and white chocolate
  • Apple and apricot
  • Chocolate and nuts

The main reason for eating an Inspire Cereal Bar during training is to delay the fatigue created from depletion of fuel, and as this is glucose, we must always consume food that is rich in carbohydrates. Inspire Cereal Bar provides us with 15g of carbohydrates and this is why it’s an excellent option to bear in mind when it comes to training.

Another characteristic we should keep an eye on is the proportion of fat, which should be as low as possible, as the lower the quantity of fat in the energy bars, the more easily they will be assimilated by the body and the sooner they will deliver the energy we need. Inspire Cereal Bar only provides us with 1,7g of fats.

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