EVOBAR Brownie

Get Shredded

Looking for the ultimate muscle definition?

Achieve your goals with this range of supplements that we suggest to tone your muscles.

Purpose of the Pack

The "Get Shredded Packs" are especially interesting for those who seek to improve their body aesthetics, and in particular, reduce their fat percentage and uncover their musculature.

Each pack includes high quality serum proteins, with an excellent amino acid profile, from the best sources available. Note the presence of the Evobcaas product, which includes the BCAAs or Branched Amino Acids in the highest ratio on the market, 12:1:1, as well as being reinforced with glutamine. This combination improves recovery after intense physical sessions.

Also included are other types of products such as enzymatically modified carbohydrates, to improve absorption and the subsequent replacement of muscle glycogen and thus ensure energy availability. It should not be forgotten that during the definition phase we are in caloric deficit and our performance may decrease. However, by strategically providing this type of energy source we will be able to overcome the caloric deficit.

Finally, as a support of fat loss, elements that emphasize the use of fatty acids as an energy source have been included.