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Designed for those who want quick muscle volume.
Mass Gainers


  • Supply of energy to achieve a positive balance of calories and increase body weight.
  • Reduces catabolism caused by training and recovers glycogen reserves.
  • Favours anabolism, stimulates protein synthesis and accelerates muscle recovery.
  • Improves sports performance and muscle strength

Mass Shock by Gear is a new generation mass gainer. It is a gainer that combines the optimal dose of carbohydrates and proteins to support growth and maintenance of muscle mass. In order to build muscle mass it is essential to achieve a positive balance of energy and each dose of Gear Mass Gainer provides 749 extra kcal to your diet.

  • Each serving provides a dose of 40g of protein. The proteins selected to form part of Gear Mass Gainer are: Concentrated whey protein Carbelac®, whey protein isolate Isolac®, hydrolysed whey protein Optipep™ and hydrolysed casein PeptoPro™. Whey protein isolate and hydrolysed proteins are proteins of quick assimilation which significantly increase the amount of amino acids in the blood and also do so within a short time following ingestion. This elevation promotes protein synthesis and helps to build new muscle and repair muscle damaged during training. On the other hand, concentrated milk protein provides amino acids of a slower release, supplying them for a longer period of time and helping to maintain elevated protein synthesis for longer.
  • The protein sources selected to form part of Gear Mass Shock are low in fat to provide an end product with barely 3,2g of saturated fat and supply a complete spectrum of essential amino acids with a high content of branched chain amino acids.
  • In addition, each portion contains 136g of carbohydrates, a basic source of energy for the muscles. These carbohydrates are maltodextrins which favour the release of insulin to accelerate the recovery of glycogen deposits and promote an anabolic state in the organism. Insulin also favours entry into the muscles of the amino acids.

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