New pre-trainer by Gaspari. Greater muscle activation and potentiation of muscle growth.


  • Boosts strength
  • Improves recovery
  • Destined for muscle growth

SuperPump 3.0 by Gaspari Nutrition is the latest pre-trainer supplement with emphasis on the synthesis of proteins. The formula has been improved by adding the following ingredients:

  • BCAAs, are branched chain amino acids, which are key to the activation of regeneration processes and tissue-building, thanks above all to the supply of leucine. Said elements, when digested prior to training, mitigate the catabolism induced by physical training, whilst also helping to save glucose in order to cope with energy demands.
  • Beta-Alanine, is an amino acid precursor to intramuscular carnosine, favouring the supply of deposits of same. In terms of activity, it is an element that delays the effects of lactic acid, by acting as a plug for this metabolic waste resulting from high intensity exercise.
  • Creatine monohydrate, is the primary energy substrate for muscle contraction, and is involved in high intensity activities over a short space of time, such as explosive and strength movements. By maintaining high levels of ATP reserves, the athlete will be able to improve performance.

SuperPump 3.0 includes agmatine sulphate which will influence the contractile muscle function causing greater blood flow and transportation of nutrients, linked in this case to better performance, and to potentiation of vascularization.

Due to its qualities, agmatine can improve fat loss, partitioning the deposit of nutrients on the muscle cell instead of fat, and increasing muscle mass gain. From a cognitive point of view and as an expression of improvement in mental concentration, the matrix contains the following ingredients:

  • Caffeine, which acts on the central nervous system, delaying the appearance of physical fatigue.
  • L-Tirosine, amino acid that acts as precursor to neurotransmitters and increases the appearance of catecholamines. Burning fat and concentration vis-a-vis physical exercise can be boosted.
  • Choline bitartrate, which is deemed to be a vitamin belonging to th B complex, the effects of which reside in the improvement of concentration and stimuli.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts SUPERPUMP 3.0 401gr FRUIT PUNCH

per serviceper 100g
Information SUPERPUMP 3.0 401gr FRUIT PUNCH
Serving's size: 1 scoop (11g)
Amount per servingNRV*
Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate)100mg125
Niacina (como niacinamida)50mg312,5
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)2mg142,86
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin)35µg1400
Creatine Monohydrate (as Creapure®)2500mg++
Inositol Arginine Silicate (as Nitrosigine™)750mg++
Agmatine sulfate500mg++
Beta-Alanine (CarnoSyn®)1600mg++
Choline (bitartrate)305mg++
Piper Nigrum extract (as BioPerin®)5mg++
NRVs (Nutrient Reference Values) establecidos en el Reglamento (UE) 1169/2011 de 25 de octubre de 2011. †† Los NRV en esta ocasión no están establecidos.
Other ingredients: Citric acid, corn starch, flavor, acesulfame potassium, silica, sucralose, salt, horseradish powder (colorant)

How to take SUPERPUMP 3.0 - 36 SERV:

As a food supplement, begin by testing your tolerance to the product, taking 1 serving (1 dispenser) mixing with 240ml of water 20-30 minutes before training. After testing, take 1 to 3 dispensers 20-30 minutes before training. Add 240ml of water for each serving.


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