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Fast absorption carbohydrates, ideal for recovery or as intra-trainer.


When you’re training, what is the worst that can happen after taking a few sips of water or any other mid-training drink? Cramps.

Nothing can ruin a workout more than cramps. This is why sports drinks formulated intelligently should verify osmolarity, which is the indicator of how fast that drink can disappear in the stomach, which is what will potentially avoid cramps.

The Gaspari Nutrition team is proud of the new Osm technology. This is the new way of looking at carbohydrate drinks using a method of conversion to electrolytes in a solution with a pure cycle of dextrin to achieve optimal osmolarity. We knew we had to have an osmolarity below that of our competitors, and we therefore acquired some products and subjected them to a series of laboratory tests to see what we could achieve. In doing so, we confirmed that Glycofuse has lower osmolarity compared with any product on the market, including the big brands.

If you are carbophobic, you don’t really know what performance, recovery or muscle gain is. Athletes understand the importance of carbohydrates and benefit from their effects. Whether they are in a carbohydrate loading phase or recovering from a competition, taking a drink during a race or recovering from a training session, they know they need them to ensure energy. Glycogen helps you achieve energy for your training and to maintain your voluminous muscles. This is a real situation. Not all carbohydrates are created equally.

There are ingenious and modified names for maltodextrin on the market that are said to contain polysaccharides. There is also corn starch labelled as waxy maize. The majority of them do not have proven benefits apart from delivering false hope and expectations without the backing of multiple clinical studies on real athletes. This is why Gaspari Nutrition selected a branched group of dextrin to become a standard for recovery and performance, Glycofuse.

These carbohydrates of high molecular weight have a helicoidal structure that gives them unique properties that other waxy maize or polysaccharides don’t have. When you sweat, your body loses potassium, magnesium, sodium, chloride and calcium. These must be replaced in order to avoid cramps and muscle loss, as they are critical components for supporting nerve impulses and muscle contraction. The more you sweat, the more hydration and electrolytes you need.

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