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Maximize your training!
Nitric Oxide + Creatine


Xtreme Napalm by F.A. Nutrition is a pre-workout nitric oxide stimulator. Xtreme Napalm includes the most advanced nitric oxide stimulators on the market. Thanks to the congestion caused by the nitric oxide, your muscles will fill with blood loaded with nutrients, with which to cope with the stress of intense training, thereby building and repairing muscle like never before.

In addition, we should emphasize in Xtreme Napalm its 3 forms of creatine, its high content in antioxidants and electrolytes. Xtreme Napalm, unlike other nitric oxide products, includes a good amount of antioxidants, which are essential when consuming nitric oxide products due to the their oxidising nature in human cells.

Principal components of the Xtreme Napalm formula

  • Revolutionary nitric oxide complex: The principal property of nitric oxide is that it considerably increases blood flow, thereby producing better delivery of nutrients to muscle cells and contributing to muscle growth. In addition, Xtreme Napalm is one of the few nitric oxides that does not contain sugars, you will find no other like Xtreme Napalm, as it really is unique in its pre-workout action and as a cell volumizer.
  • Extreme volumizer complex: This compound is formulated with tri-creatine malate that permits muscle cells to absorb a greater quantity of water, which produces better hydration and an increase in cell volume. The retention of intra-cellular water will help expand the cells, which will considerably improve the assimilation and synthesis of proteins and make the muscle appear larger.
  • Strength maximize and mental focus complex: It is formulated with energizing ingredients such as methylxanthines- These fast-acting substances help to provide energy and strength that will help you considerably during a tough workout.
  • Antioxidant complex: Nitric oxide has as a side effect the powerful production of free radicals due to the oxidizing nature of same, which is why Xtreme Napalm includes a complex loaded with antioxidants: extract of Green tea, R-ALA, NAC and grape seed extract, which will keep the free radicals under control without lessening the vasodilator effect of the product.
  • Electrolyte complex: This last complex is a mix of ingredients that will help you to improve endurance and energy during training. With this complex we can be sure of replacing the electrolytes we lose during training and we saturate the muscle with nutrients, indispensable for growth. Xtreme Napalm is the only nitric oxide stimulator supplement capable of completely changing the way you train without sacrificing anything else in relation to your health, as it combines energy factors, nutrients for muscle growth, antioxidants and nootropics.

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