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7 sources of proteins of different assimilation speeds! Low in fats and sugars.
Time Release Proteins


  • High protein content
  • 7 different types of proteins
  • Low sugar content
  • Favours muscle mass gain
  • Favours bone tissue health
  • Strengthens the immune system

Titanium Pro Plex 7 by FA Nutrition is the most advanced sequential protein complex on the market. It includes a combination of 7 sources of quality protein, amongst which are: Carbelac® concentrated whey protein, Isolac® whey protein isolate, Optipep ™ hydrolysed milk whey protein, micellar casein, PeptoPro® hydrolysed casein, ovalbumin and beef protein isolate.

All these types of proteins have different structures and characteristics, have different amino acids composition and different digestion rates, therefore, their amino acids are absorbed by the organism in different stages.

  • Hydrolysed proteins, protein isolate as well as peptides and free amino acids, can be used by the body immediately, without passing through the digestion process. Therefore, this protein is ideal for taking after a workout. This post-training stage has been extensively studied, and it seems that there is what is known as an “anabolic window” that extends from when physical exercise finishes and for the following 45 minutes. In this phase we must provide protein and carbohydrates of quick assimilation as the muscular-skeletal system will begin to repair the damage caused by the exercise, increasing the synthesis of proteins and beginning to fill glycogen reserves. During this period, the muscle cells are more sensitive to the anabolic effects of insulin (hormone secreted by the pancreas).
  • Titanium Pro Plex 7 by FA Nutrition also includes proteins of intermediate digestion (whey concentrate, ovalbumin and beef protein isolate). Concentrated protein has a high biological value, is very rich in BCAA´s, glutamine, immunoglobulins, calcium and glutathione. Beef has a different amino acid profile and therefore perfectly complements the product, and also provides the amino acids required for the production of collagen. Ovalbumin is a protein of high biological value, as it contains all the essential amino acids in the exact proportions needed by the body for optimal growth and maintenance of lean tissue.
  • Titanium Pro Plex 7 includes micellar casein in its formula, a protein of slow assimilation in order to maintain an anabolic environment for various hours, therefore, it is also ideal for taking before going to bed.

Titanium Pro Plex 7 by FA Nutrition is the perfect shake for all those with a certain lifestyle. It is also recommended for all those seeking to improve their general health and add quality protein to their diet, as it is a clean protein, low in fats and sugars. Titanium Pro Plex not only contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass but also helps keep the bones healthy and strengthen the immune system.

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