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Silk amino acids. Favouring muscle recovery and development.
Amino acids


  • Favours muscle growth
  • Improves performance during intense training.
  • Reduces cortisol (hormone that destroys muscle tissue, muscle catabolism)
  • Increases levels of testosterone by some 64%
  • Increases muscle glycogen
  • Maintains glucose levels in the blood

SAA (Silk Amino Acids) by FA Core is a new food supplement based on silk amino acids (also known as silk protein or sericin) and it is obtained from the silk worm cocoon. This new sequence of amino acids with interesting properties was recently discovered by an audacious scientific team.

The principal amino acids found in the silk are Alanine, Glycine, Serine, Valine and Threonine, amino acids that multiply the anabolic reactions and provide support to the synthesis of muscle cells. The secret of these actions lies in the perfect proportion, precise combination and special sequence (order of the amino acids). These 5 amino acids favour significant pro-anabolic reactions and spectacularly increase endurance.

Until a short time ago, silk amino acids were used in traditional Chinese medicine and in cosmetics. Nowadays, it is recommended for all athletes seeking to increase their muscle strength, mass and endurance. In addition, research has shown that SAA also helps the body to maintain high levels of testosterone naturally and reduce cortisol levels. It has even been suggested that SAA has antioxidant properties.

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