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Carbohydrate bars are a quick solution to satiate our energy requirements, by means of concentrated ingredients with a high energetic value. Their fantastic flavour make the carbohydrate bars an ideal snack to take before, during or after workouts.

What are Energy Bars?

Energy bars are mainly consumed by active people and athletes to increase the amount of carbohydrates at those times of the day when there is a higher energy demand, such as before, during or after training.

Energy bars are very rich in carbohydrates, in fact, it is the main macronutrient that they contain, although they also provide proteins, fats and even extra doses of vitamins and minerals.

Not all energy bars are the same. We can choose the one that best fits our needs according to the type of cereal used, the source of protein, whether they contain vitamins and minerals, nuts, fiber or other ingredients.

Athletes should choose the bar that best fits their individual nutritional needs.

Benefits from the consumption of energy bars

The bars provide an energy supply when we most need it. Helping to maintain glycogen levels, before and during physical training. After the workout it stimulates muscle recovery.

Additionally, they are easy to carry and eat at any moment and place.

Recommended use

The consumption of these bars is advisable for very active people or those who need a high calorie intake. They are not recommended as a meal replacement. They must be taken occasionally when we need an extra energy dose.

It is advisable to eat them by taken small bites and drinking plenty of water.

Who are these energy bars for?

Carbohydrate bars can be eaten by anyone who seeks an extra energy dose. They are recommended as a snack before performing sport or physical activities. They may also be a good option as breakfast, to start the day full of energy.

Energy bars may be a healthy option in those moments of our life when the energy demands are increased for certain reasons, such as being pregnant, lactating, in growth period or during sport training.

It is very important to be careful if we suffer from food intolerance, since a lot of these energy bars contain allergens such as gluten, lactose or nuts.

Energy bars brands

We may find a lot of establishments, both physical and online, where we can buy energy bars.
Some of the energy bars brands are: Flapjack by Clarou, Flapjack by Nutrytec, Victory Endurance, Multipower, Gold Nutrition.