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Prolonged release protein.
Time Release Proteins


ELITE XT is a prolonged release protein designed to provide nutrients for hours. ELITE XT is the successor to ELITE 12 HORAS.

This protein has been improved in relation to its predecessor to become the definitive formula in terms of muscle recovery and muscle-building. ELITE XT includes a new and revolutionary coating system called Nutrateric®, this system has been scientifically developed and has been used on some of the ingredients to prolong the release of this protein’s nutrients even longer, thereby providing nourishment for a longer period of time (for example while you sleep).

This delayed release technology allows the nutrients it has been applied to, to be released after the rest, by so doing ELITE XT gives you everything you need at its due time. The digestion of ELITE XT can last more than double any other protein product not coated with Nutrateric®. Dymatize has merged various proteins sources in ELITE XT and added branched chain amino acids (BCAA).

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