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The protein and oat-based instant snack for any time and place.
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Muscle Milk ´N Oats by Cytosport is a way of ensuring truly adequate and above all delicious nutrition anywhere. It is a solution for all those who don’t have much time to prepare food, and at the same time need to move about a lot. In these situations, you can add this fabulous product to your diet, either as a snack, or as if it were a proper meal.

It will take you just one minute to prepare your snack! Add a little hot water to your Muscle Milk ´N Oats and you will enjoy 30g of proteins with which to supply your muscles. Muscle Milk ´N Oats has something that other similar products don’t have, an instant oats mix with genuine Muscle Milk®. Muscle Milk provides lactose-free protein, high quality and from caseinates, whey protein isolate and whey protein. It has been produced observing the muscle growth factors present in maternal milk, obtaining a formula with similar characteristics.

The fats added to Muscle Milk belong to the group of healthy fats, amongst which are medium chain lipids and long chain polysaturates, playing a key role in muscle development and improving the retention of minerals required for muscle contraction. The quality also attributed to Muscle Milk is precisely the use it makes of calories to be used as energy and burnt, instead of being stored as fat.

Muscle Milk ´N Oats by Cytosport, combines the power of Muscle Milk together with the benefits of whole grain oats, and in this case your diet will be enriched with food rich in nutrients that help your muscles, low in fat and cholesterol, whilst receiving the daily required amount of fibre through the whole grains. By ingesting this type of food, the chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases are reduced, notably lowering cholesterol.

According to certain recent studies, not eating sufficient fibre, as well as missing breakfast, can all contribute to detracting from muscle-building, as well as having certain consequences for health in general. To this effect, if you need a quick boost, that enables you to solve these problems, Muscle Milk ´N Oats will be your best choice.

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