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Increase your limits with this fabulous pre-workout product!
Nitric Oxide + Creatine


Monster Pump NOS by Cytosport is a product for all those who want to give it all during a training session. This product in particular can be taken pre-workout, in other words immediately prior to beginning our workout, to ingest the basic nutrients that, a posteriori, will provide us with the opportunity to getting the very most out of our sporting practice.

The Monster Pump NOS formula has been meticulously studied to highlight the term performance. Monster Pump NOS includes all the ingredients necessary to squeeze the muscles to the limit, delay fatigue, whilst generating greater stimulus to emphasize weight loss and, of course, benefit muscle gain. Within the most notable components of this exceptional pre-workout product we can find:

  • L-Citrulline: this is a non-essential amino acid with which to recycle metabolic waste produced by our muscles while we train. Said substance is lactic acid, which generates a muscle “plug”, preventing us from continuing with the exercise we were performing at that time. This phenomenon takes place during high intensity exercise, and by taking L-Citrulline we can delay the onset of muscle failure, and even move beyond it, prolonging the exercise.
  • L-Arginine: this amino acid has the peculiarity of being a precursor to nitric oxide within our system, after being ingested, and causing significant vasodilation of the capillaries. This will lead to greater congestion when we come to train, while the nutrition provided to the cells will be greater, due precisely to the fact that it allows for greater admission of components thanks to increased oxygenation.
  • Creatine monohydrate (Creapure®): Little more can be said of this supplement, given that it is basic for any athlete who wants to maximize their performance, while increasing fat-free lean mass. Its field of action lies in the filling of ATP reserves in the muscle fibres, or what is synonymous, the primary energy used by our muscles for the first moves in a totally explosive exercise or movement. Thanks to creatine, our recovery between series will be incredibly reduced.
  • Leucine (Peptides): this amino acid is key to any muscle development system. It is one of the 3 branch chained amino acids (BCAAs), being the one with greatest relevance. Its presence is enough to cause two magnificent effects within our organism; put in motion the protein synthesis mechanisms and prevent the much-feared muscle catabolism. This supplement appears on the form of peptides, which means its absorption is radically increased.

The remaining substances present in this product contribute to the cause by activating the central nervous system (CNS), as does Caffeine and Taurine, while other ingredients support weight loss, as is the case with L-Carnitine, and the better regulation of glycaemia (Alpha-Lipoic Acid).

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